“All Together Now!” cabaret tributes contemporary theater

Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor. Go to www.duqredmasquers.com to purchase tickets for this weekend's shows.

Mia Lubrani | staff writer

Nov. 11, 2021

In conjunction with hundreds of performing arts groups across the country, this weekend, Duquesne’s Red Masquers are set to perform “All Together Now,” a cabaret-style musical revue. 

To the average theater-kid, the name Musical Theater International (MTI) will likely ring a bell, as they are the company from which theater troupes purchase the rights to musicals. This year, in the wake of theaters being closed worldwide due to the pandemic, MTI decided — for one weekend only — to make an evening’s worth of show tunes available for performance free of charge. 

Typically, performance rights to a production like this could cost anywhere into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. But, since MTI has waived the fee, participating theaters, like the Masquers, can use this show solely as a fundraiser. 

With audience support, all the proceeds from ticket sales will be used for the preservation and continued growth of the Red Masquers, according to the ticket listing.     

This cabaret-style performance consists of musical theatre’s most iconic songs ranging from the 80s through today. With no specific roles or characters, the entire cast is slated to come together as an ensemble to display each of their unique talents. There will be solos, duets, trios, quartets and group numbers. About 15 songs will be sung throughout the evening, incorporating a variety of musicals ranging from Into the Woods to Newsies to Waitress in a variety of ballads, dance numbers and Broadway classics. 

This production has also allowed for newcomers to take the stage, like Kyle Stiver.

“Personally, I am going to have to say doing the group numbers is my favorite part because you get to see how talented everyone is in their own way but also how well we work together as a group,” Stiver said. “Just saying the finale is gonna knock your socks off.”

In his first time performing with the group, Stiver said the environment has been extremely inclusive. 

The show will be held with a “mocktail hour” feel in mind. A cabaret does not follow a plot line or character map, but displays live music, as if someone hit “shuffle” on their favorite Broadway playlist. This unique show allows theatre arts students to highlight their acting, dancing, singing and choreography skills. 

Katheryn Hess, a recent Duquesne Theatre Arts grad, put on her dancing shoes to serve as choreographer for this production.  

“It’s exciting to return and see some old faces again and meeting a whole new slew of talented people,” Hess said. “It’s amazing to watch the cast bring their own style to the numbers.            

To purchase tickets, head over to duqredmasquers.com. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, performances will be held at 8 p.m., and the final matinée will take place at 2p.m. on Sunday. The ticket sales are $10 for students and $20 for adults. 

“Overall, I’m just thrilled to be back in a live theater environment and watch the Masquers come back to the stage again,” Hess said.