Astroid: excellent coffee hidden in the Southside


Makenna Winner | staff contributor


Makenna Winner / staff contributor
The name Astroid is no typo, it is the name of the star shaped symbol famous for being part of the Steelers logo.

New to the neighborhood, Astroid coffee made its debut in Southside just three months ago in December 2018. Nestled away near the West Lobby of the historical Terminal Building, on Terminal Street, Astroid is found bustling by its owner and lead barista, Emerson.

With mint green walls and lemon geometric tiles amongst marble tables and slate white lights, Astroid looks the part of a Manhattan Millennium coffee café: chic and light, stylistically designed and constructed. This makes sense since it serves beans from a Brooklyn-based source, Parlor Coffee. The coffee is much like the space itself: consciously created with full-bodied personality and an individuality that cannot be matched in Southside.

The menu is simple but satisfying: lattes, americanos, drip coffees, matchas, espresso, cortado, mocha, fresh chai. They also have seasonal additions. On the menu now is an amazing and brilliant option of lemon and lavender lattes.

Not into coffee? They’ve got a variety of loose-leaf teas, and yes, even lemonade. This is a place that can both awaken the exhausted adult within you, or bring out the enlightened kid craving a chillingly cold, sweet drink.

“Espressive,” their signature drink, is long-drawn and steeped espresso, prepared and calibrated for “flavor clarity and sippability.” It’s robustly brewed and willfully fashioned both for your brain, body, and tastebuds. A swift kick to get you going, this is my go-to for a very Monday-ish Monday morning.

Hungry? They’ve got you covered there too with pastries — (Matcha chocolate chip muffin is my go-to) — and sandwiches that vary daily. Savory and sweet, Astroid has something to conquer your hunger and thirst.

I’ve burrowed myself in this cafe for last two months, keeping this sweet shop a secret from those around me, in hopes of remaining in a rather quaint, guarded space. But it is no longer a secret I can keep – I now feel the need to share this place with the rest of the world.

It’s simply unfair to hold such a treasure to myself. Head towards 3rd on Carson, turn onto Terminal Street, and walk on back to the left. Stop in and grab yourself literally anything on the menu — oat milk latte and matcha chocolate chip muffin if you’re treating yourself — and you won’t be disappointed. Tell Emerson that Makenna sent you. You can thank me later for sharing this secret with you. I can guarantee that you will be satisfied.

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