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2.5 Minute Ride a moving, funny monologue

<em>2.5 Minute Ride</em> a moving, funny monologue

Ollie Gratzinger | Editor-in-Chief 10/31/19 The production of 2.5 Minute Ride, written by Lisa Kron of Fun Home acclaim, has all of the things I enjoy in a play: queer themes, a Jewish narrative and a startling depth punctuated by brilliant acting. Theatre professor Nancy Bach plays Kron in the one-woman show, taking the audience […]

Masterful Mean Girls musical adaptation comes to Pittsburgh

Masterful <em>Mean Girls</em> musical adaptation comes to Pittsburgh

Hanna Boucher | Staff Writer 10/31/19 The current trend of revamping pop culture’s most beloved films into musicals has selected a new target: Mean Girls. After enjoying more than a year of success on Broadway, Mean Girls is making its way around the country, with its current stop being Pittsburgh. Fifteen years after debuting in […]

Season 2 of Castle Rock off to chilling start

Season 2 of <em>Castle Rock</em> off to chilling start

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 10/31/19 Good news for the spooky season — Castle Rock, based on the works of Stephen King, has returned. The first season premiered on Hulu last year, and this past Wednesday, the horror anthology is back with the first three episodes of its second season that bring famous stories to […]

The Office fails transition to stage in touring parody

<em>The Office</em> fails transition to stage in touring parody

  Colleen Hammond & Griffin Sendek | The Duquesne Duke 10/24/19 The Office! A Musical Parody was written for people whose entire personality centers around watching The Office. Writers Bob and Tobly McSmith’s unauthorized parody of the hit television show graced the Byham Theater last weekend. This nonsense musical spectacle excellently showcased how a script […]

Limetown podcast successfully leaps to streaming television

Limetown podcast successfully leaps to streaming television

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 10/24/19 It’s the Halloween season, so now is the perfect time for anything and everything spooky. With the release of the first two episodes of Limetown this past Wednesday, the tone for Halloween is definitely set. The feel of the show isn’t established in typical ways, with otherworldly creatures or […]

Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd shine in new series

Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd shine in new series

Josiah Martin | Arts & Entertainment Editor 10/24/19 Paul Rudd has a reputation for being an endearing and reliable actor – a reputation he proves himself worthy of in Netflix’s Living with Yourself. In the series, Rudd expertly portrays two versions of Miles Elliot – a non-threatening, slobbish advertising writer, and his more confident, personable […]

Local artist’s show explores her personal dark, intrusive thoughts

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 10/17/19 How many people look in the mirror and see something they don’t like about themselves? How many people get a bad grade on an exam and think they’re stupid? How many people are talking to someone and wonder if that person enjoys talking to them? Too many to count. […]

Pittsburgh Opera masterfully tackles classic

Hannah Boucher | Staff Writer 10/17/19 Murder, seduction and insanely high notes — Mozart’s Don Giovanni tells the story of a womanizing man whose sins finally begin to catch up to him. A “film noir” take on this classic piece, the Pittsburgh Opera starts off its 2019-2020 season right. With this fresh interpretation on such […]

A Few Good Men lives up to its reputation in Pittsburgh

<em>A Few Good Men</em> lives up to its reputation in Pittsburgh

Colleen Hammond | Opinions Editor 10/10/19 The honor, glory and horrific secret practices of the U.S. military are brought to life in Aaron Sorkin’s thrilling military drama, A Few Good Men. While many feared the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s production could not live up to the 1992 star-studded film, they were immediately proven wrong by the […]

Expertly produced Next to Normal lets strong writing shine

Expertly produced <em>Next to Normal</em> lets strong writing shine

Hannah Boucher | Staff Writer 10/10/19 In a quaint little theater, in the basement of the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning, you’ll feel like you’re in an actual home, seeing into the lives of the Goodman family. You’ll soon be exposed to drugs, schizophrenic delusions, therapy and classical piano — everything you need for […]