Humanity must be conscientious before speaking

By Sam Leon | Student Columnist I was not always conscious of my language use. As I became more in love with writing, I developed an appreciation for the communication that language makes possible. I decided a while ago that I would try to cut out all offensive and alienating terms in my vocabulary — […]

Summer weather changed drastically in September

By Michael Flewelling

Acting professional in the real and virtual world

By Courtney Downing | Student Columnist In an era where people are connecting more and more through social media, personal relationships seem to be forgotten. Sure, it’s easy to add someone on Facebook or send over an email instead of giving them a call. Social networking websites provide a quick way for employers to review […]

Smart watches become the next big thing

By Kristen Kuron | Student Columnist Take a moment to think when was the last time you wore a wrist watch? I remember the last time I grabbed mine was during my LSAT exam. I brought it to keep time during the exam since cell phones were prohibited, but once there I came to find […]

Whatever comes to mind: 90s hits us one more time

Whatever comes to mind: 90s hits us one more time

By George Flynn | Opinions Editor As a child of the 90s, I am enamored by the era of my youth. It is quite obvious that I am not the only one who misses the decade. The subject of the 90s is constantly brought up by websites such as Buzzfeed and Tumblr, in retail stores […]

Staff Editorial: Students adapting to new food

By Duke Staff This summer, Duquesne University made the switch to Parkhurst Dining and gave Aramark, our previous food provider of 28 years, the cut. At this point in the semester, this will not come as news to students looking for a place to eat on campus. Parkhurst was chosen to replace Aramark in an […]

First exams comparable to a football tackle

By Michael Flewelling

Staff Editorial: Suspended but not corrected

From our first moments in academia, we were told again and again about the importance of attending class. But when reprobation comes into account, everything we have been taught goes out of the classroom. Out-of-school suspension is a banal form of disciplinary measure in schools of all levels across the country and grade level. But […]

Whatever comes to mind: Living life without your best friend

Whatever comes to mind: Living life without your best friend

By George Flynn | Opinions Editor Friends come and friends go, but what do you do when your best friend moves on with his or her life for bigger and better opportunities? They will always be there for you with phone calls and skype conversations, but it is never the same as seeing someone every […]

Inspirational woman swims to the finish line

By Addie Smith | Sports Editor One hundred ten miles from Pittsburgh will get you 20 miles away from Cleveland, 350 miles from Chicago and 2,300 miles away from Los Angeles. It takes roughly two hours to drive, three hours on a bus and 41 hours to walk. Or if you’re Diana Nyad, it will […]

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