Staff Editorial: Summer internships give experience in the work force

By Duke Staff Last spring we worked hard on perfecting résumés, sent out cover letters and practiced interviews in the mirror in hopes of the perfect summer internship. Donning heels and suit jackets, we proudly took our seats in the back of the room. For some of us at The Duke, the energy and excitement […]

Staff editorial: Get Out There

By Duke Staff As an attractive, educated group of editors here at The Duke, we know a thing or two about relationships. Especially relationships one might come across during their college career. You will be meeting all kinds of people, and we thought it would be helpful to give advice on interacting with them, while […]

Whatever comes to mind: How to get the most out of Orientation

Whatever comes to mind: How to get the most out of Orientation

By George Flynn | Opinions Editor While this year’s glorious summer comes to a close, a new school year must begin.  As a senior, I am completely terrified to embark on my final year of my college career and inevitably enter into the abyss known as “The Uncertain Future.”  As a freshman, I was feeling […]

Freshman overwhelmed by essentials

Freshman overwhelmed by essentials

Stressful finals become sleepy ceremonies

Quite Thought Full: Kindness needed as the final thought

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor For nearly a year and a half, I have been filling this space with witty words of encouragement, advice and defenses for the benefits of literature. My goal has always been to provide a reason for people to smile and, hopefully, create a thought or two that wasn’t there […]

‘You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here’

By Robyn Rudish-Laning | Editor-in-Chief When I first got involved at The Duke almost four years ago, I came hesitantly. I didn’t think I’d fit in, I didn’t know anyone at all and I had no idea what I was doing. Actually, my first semester at The Duke was a lot like my first year […]

Seeing the Bucs is a treasured steal

Quite Thought Full: 20,000 leagues into immagination

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor I love books. More accurately, I have an addiction to reading and what I read are books. As a bibliophile, it is incredibly difficult for me to not hate the e-reader. It just seems so ridiculously unnatural for me to turn the pages with one finger and not hear […]

Staff Editorial; Drugs not worth the boost

By Duke Staff Looking at today’s culture, we see the presence of prescription drug use everywhere we turn. From movies to athletes, we are bombarded with images of parties gone too far and worse. What we tend to forget about is the other side of recreational drug use, a side closer to home. Students use […]

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