Inspirational woman swims to the finish line

By Addie Smith | Sports Editor One hundred ten miles from Pittsburgh will get you 20 miles away from Cleveland, 350 miles from Chicago and 2,300 miles away from Los Angeles. It takes roughly two hours to drive, three hours on a bus and 41 hours to walk. Or if you’re Diana Nyad, it will […]

Technology frustrates student body to no end

By Michael Flewelling  

Success viewed from many different angles

By Sam Leon | Student Columnist   As we begin the school year, I can’t help but think about the purpose and intentions of us all attending a major university. Even as an upperclassman, I’m constantly reevaluating my ideas of success and how school relates to that idea. Too often, when I speak to peers […]

Student overloads on coffee

By Michael Flewelling

College debt does not compare to knowledge earned

By Pat Higgins | Asst. Sports Editor President Barack Obama flexed his executive power in office last Thursday when he proposed a system in which the federal government ranks each university and college across the country in an effort to combat the rising cost of college. The fight to make higher education more affordable and […]

U.S.A. prefers British television to their own

By Aaron Warnick | Photo Editor It is 2013, barely shy of half-a-century since The Beatles hopped the pond to New York and redefined the way Americans listen to music. The United Kingdom has again created a product that will redefine how Americans entertain themselves. The British Broadcasting Corporation, commonly referred to as the BBC, […]

Whatever comes to mind: Bad choices lead to trouble

Whatever comes to mind: Bad choices lead to trouble

By George Flynn | Opinions Editor Duquesne University’s Academic Integrity Policy is not a document to be treated lightly. Upon reading the policy at the beginning of my academic career, I never cheated on a test and always made sure to double check my work for plagiarism or forgotten citation. The Policy declares that the […]

Staff Editorial: Summer internships give experience in the work force

By Duke Staff Last spring we worked hard on perfecting résumés, sent out cover letters and practiced interviews in the mirror in hopes of the perfect summer internship. Donning heels and suit jackets, we proudly took our seats in the back of the room. For some of us at The Duke, the energy and excitement […]

Staff editorial: Get Out There

By Duke Staff As an attractive, educated group of editors here at The Duke, we know a thing or two about relationships. Especially relationships one might come across during their college career. You will be meeting all kinds of people, and we thought it would be helpful to give advice on interacting with them, while […]

Whatever comes to mind: How to get the most out of Orientation

Whatever comes to mind: How to get the most out of Orientation

By George Flynn | Opinions Editor While this year’s glorious summer comes to a close, a new school year must begin.  As a senior, I am completely terrified to embark on my final year of my college career and inevitably enter into the abyss known as “The Uncertain Future.”  As a freshman, I was feeling […]

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