Staff Editorial; Cutting the fat

By Duke Staff   There are two areas that the United States seems to fail at keeping in check – budgeting and weight gain. It’s no secret that the United States is the most obese country in the world, with approximately 34 percent of adult Americans classified as obese, according to the latest Organization for […]

Quite Thought Full; Nook gets burned, books saved

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor   Since the printing press’s invention in the 15th century, books have been an item treasured like gold for many. As the centuries have passed and the value of knowledge in paper and ink has decreased before our eyes, the book and its bindings are threatened by the convenience […]

Quite Thought Full: Hovering parents hinder students

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor Everyone knew a kid who had parents who loomed over every element of their high school education. The poor kid’s parents volunteered to chaperone every trip and every dance, scheduled parent-teacher conferences weekly, complained to teachers about unsatisfactory grades and probably wrote the perfect application essay to get their […]

Staff Ed: DU Registration process needs work

We’re halfway through the semester here at Duquesne and about to enter a stressful time for all students. Freshmen will get their first taste of how frustrating the impending process is. Sophomores may be frantically trying to plan so their final two years go smoothly. Seniors are happy they never have to do it again. […]

Gross flavors available at a store near you

Gross flavors available at a store near you

By Jacqui Hatch  | Student Columnist What do a competitive kick boxer from Lake Zurich, Ill., a mother of two from Land O’ Lakes, Wis., and an adolescent blogging-foodie from Phoenix, Az. have in common? They are all finalists for Frito Lay’s Do Us a Flavor competition. In honor of its 75th anniversary, Lay’s potato […]

Meteor vs. Miser

By Michael Flewelling

Romancing or Wasting; Baby, I don’t want to buy you anything more

Romancing or Wasting; Baby, I don’t want to buy you anything more

By Georgie Flynn | Student Columnist As Valentine’s Day approaches, dark clouds loom over the heads of those who hate the holiday that was more or less created by Hallmark. Men in particular seem to really detest the day. After all, love should be about more than candy, gifts, flowers and jewelry. It’s all just […]

Romancing or Wasting: Hopelessly devoted to the Hallmark holiday

Romancing or Wasting: Hopelessly devoted to the Hallmark holiday

By Crissy Holtzer | Student Columnist I have been struck by cupid’s arrow. No, I am not in love with Justin Timberlake or Ryan Gosling, but I do have a satisfying relationship with Valentine’s Day. Every year around this time men and women encounter the holiday that is so very dreaded by many. Some pretend […]

Staff Editorial: State of the Union addresses needs

In last night’s State of the Union address, President Barack Obama highlighted at least a few issues that every American, regardless of party affiliation, beliefs or attitude should support. First and foremost, politicians, especially senators and representatives, need to reach across the aisle and work with their fellow elected officials. The past four years have […]

Quite Thought Full; Hometown pride found anew

By Katie Walsh | Opinions Editor Most everyone has a bit of pride in his or her hometown. No matter where you are from or how far away you are now, there’s a little something in you that will spark a fire to defend some element about the place you grew up. For me, it’s […]