Davidson and Grande drama continues post-breakup

Kevin Sheppard | Staff Writer


Let’s hope we all have a spare pair of Versace sunglasses in our purse or murse (hey, we don’t judge) because honey, we have some shade.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have captured the attention of pop culture queens worldwide with their sudden breakup. Many people suspect the breakup was related to the unfortunate passing of Mac Miller back in September. Miller previously dated Grande — his passing could have very well been a major reason for the split between Pete and Ariana. In all honesty, can we really blame them?  Losing someone who you shared a great deal of time and love with is painful, even when that individual was not present in their everyday lives. It’s been a rough few years for Grande, who has now experienced a death of a dear friend and a tragic terrorist attack during one of her concerts in Manchester, England, which happened back in May of 2017.

However, that did not stop Davidson from making fun of their recent breakup during a skit on SNL. Pete, honey, what are you doing?

Davidson appeared in a promo where he jokingly proposed to musical guest Maggie Rogers, obviously alluding to his previous engagement to Grande. Shocker, Grande was not amused. She called out Pete in a tweet that said, “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.”

Honestly, can we be with Grande on this one? Petty Pete Davidson much? But wait darlings, Pete made another major controversial monologue on SNL when he made fun of Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw. Pete was poking fun at the fact that Crenshaw has an eye wound from his service in Afghanistan. Goodbye Pete, goodbye.

We hate a judgemental sister, but is it safe to say that the ruling is for Pete Davidson to find his chill? Not everything is a joke, good God.

Ariana got the last laugh when she released a short but bittersweet song about her past relationships. The song is cleverly named, “Thank U, Next.” Wow, can we get some sweetener for that tea? (Did you see what I did there?) We love a sister who can make a connection or two.

Pete and Ariana just need to take some time off and spare some time for themselves. They should just treat themselves. Go on a Netflix binge, order pizza, let those taste buds thrive. Travel; go to Prague, Paris, London or Pittsburgh (oh God, yes please). Get some wine and listen to some Adele, I can personally vouch for that one. Whatever they do, let’s just hope that the drama is over. Ariana could possibly do a collaboration with Post Malone… please? Pete could go on a divine exploration to locate the Holy Book of what to say and what not to say for comedy.

Despite all this drama, it is sad to see Pete and Ariana split up like this. On the bright, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are still engaged. Maybe married, possibly? Honestly, who knows.