DiAnoia’s Eatery offers authentic Italian cuisine in the Strip

Jamie Crow | Staff Writer DiAnoia’s Eatery is located in the heart of the Strip District.

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By Jamie Crow | Staff Writer

Nestled on the edge of the Strip District, the newly opened DiAnoia’s Eatery is a breath of fresh air. Bright green paint framing the window outside of the restaurant makes it impossible to miss — and I promise that you wouldn’t want to miss it. The colorful aesthetic follows into the restaurant, accompanied by welcoming waitstaff and the smell of delicious Italian cuisine.

DiAnoia’s Eatery is an Italian restaurant that fits everyone’s desires. It offers in-house eating as well as to-go options, so everyone can get their fix. I went during lunch, which is typically seen as an opportunity to grab a light, quick bite to eat, but I was surprised to find that there were other, more filling alternatives as well.

The “Deli All Day” menu, the only food menu available during lunch, offered an assortment of paninis, pizzas and pastas. There was also a cold deli section that mainly featured salads, and hot deli options that showcased foods like vegetables, meatballs and bread. There was also a selection of espresso and coffee, in addition to a few dessert choices.

I restrained myself from the more indulgent side of the menu and ended up ordering four meatballs, bread and an iced coffee. The total came out to $10.30, and I soon found out that it was well worth it. Everything was reasonably priced, especially for the quality food that was delivered, and I was glad to find that good food could still be affordable.

The meatballs came in a casserole dish smothered in red sauce and topped with authentic mozzarella cheese. The quality was evident from the first bite, and they were delicious. But the holy grail of the whole experience was the bread. Any bread is good in my book, but this bread was the epitome of perfection. It was fresh and served hot, and covered in olive oil and parmesan cheese. Great food has the power to positively transform your mood, even if you’re already in good spirits. This food definitely made me happier than I already was.

Aesthetically, the restaurant was amazing. It was like I had stumbled upon a little piece of Italy, and a cute piece of Italy at that. The decor was light and bright, and subtle pops of color made the place have a cheery, warm feeling. When it comes to charm, it really was all in the details. Some of the chandeliers were made with wine bottles, others with wine glasses. The coffee cream was kept in a glass bottle and chilled in a basket of ice, which was one of the most charming things to me. They really went the extra mile to assess every small aspect of the decor.

One of the waitresses told me the couple who own the restaurant decorated it themselves without hiring a designer, and while that fact surprised me, it made sense when she said it. It looked professional, but there were also personal touches that a professional couldn’t capture. Family photos lined one of the walls, and a homemade sign with the restaurant’s name hung by the bar. They really did a great job of making it feel welcoming to people and making it feel comfortable as well.

Dining is usually seen as an intimate event between people you know, but the way the restaurant was set up really made the place have a sense of community within it. Strangers at the bar were having conversations with each other as if they’d known each other for years, and the wait staff treated us like we were old friends. The whole restaurant had a positive vibe that made it so I didn’t want to leave.

No matter what kind of dining experience you’re looking for, DiAnoia’s Eatery is a great option. Conversations over cups of coffee could easily last for hours, and even a quick lunch is made enjoyable. The food is incredibly delicious, quality food that is very clearly authentic and it’s served by one of the kindest and most welcoming waitstaff I’ve ever encountered. The charm of the restaurant is undeniable, and I would highly recommend going for a great and inexpensive dining option. I know I’ll definitely be going back soon.