Duke staff looks forward


By Duke Staff

Josiah: While the past year has seen a lot wonderful time spent with a lot of my favorite people, I look forward to the clean slate that 2019 will bring. In a year full of ups and downs, I hope to keep a positive outlook looking forward, and I have big plans.

Ollie: This year brought with it a lot of grief and tragedy, and even though it can be difficult to look back at it all and find a silver lining, I’ve learned that wherever suffering exists, there also exist those who work hard to counteract it. My resolution for 2019 is to do more to be part of the solution.

Kailey: 2018 passed me by faster than I expected. As I enter my last semester here at Duquesne, I want to spend less time looking to the future and more time experiencing the now. I have so little time left in this place that I love with people that mean so much to me before I head out into the “adult world;” I intend to pause my incessant planning and enjoy the present in 2019.

Hallie: While 2018 is not yet over, it has seemed significantly longer than 365 days. That being said, I want to go into 2019 with a more positive attitude and more patience for those who may not be like me. 2018? Thank you, next.

Katia: This past year has taught me about strength and grace, and how learning to balance the two leads to incredible growth. 2018 exposed me to situations where I had to work hard to remember to love others in challenging situations, and I hope to further develop this harmony in the coming year.

Gabriella: 2018 was my first year working as the News Editor of The Duke, which has been an invaluable experience. I will be studying abroad in Rome, Italy, next semester, so although I will be away from Duquesne and The Duke for much of 2019, I am excited for the opportunities that lay ahead!

Raymond: I’m still not sure how we are already at the end of 2018. Graduating in December has made everything go so much faster. 2018 has been a great learning experience as I’ve prepared to take the leap into the “real adult” world. It’s also been a lot of fun as I’ve grown close with many friends. I’m looking forward with hope and expectation for the adventures 2019 bring.

Madison: As a college student, it is far too easy to overwhelm yourself with the trials of everyday life, something I find myself guilty of incredibly too often. My 2019 resolution is to give myself the time to appreciate all of the aspects of these past few years at Duquesne that will stick with me as I embark on my last one here, and forever after.

Adam: 2018 is nearing its ending, and whether it was a particularly memorable period for you or not, we can all rejoice in the blessing of having another year to look forward to. Do what you did in 2018 better in 2019, and never forget how much your actions — or inactions — can affect those around you.