Duquesne musts: Campus’ best ways to get involved

Kailey Love / Photo Editor
A group of students mingles outside during orientation. Various events and clubs on campus offer similar oppertunities for students to make friends and pass the time throughout the year.

Leah Devorak | Editor-in-Chief

Starting college is a daunting task. Moving into a dorm and leaving your family behind is bad enough, but it only gets tougher from there. With loaded schedules, difficult classes and so much reading and studying, it’s hard to even find time to breathe.

OK, so that’s a huge exaggeration. Lucky for you, freshman year is by far the easiest one in college, and you’re going to have a lot of time to do whatever it is your little heart desires. But it’s tough for a freshman to know just what there is to do on campus, so The Duke has put together a list of some of the best things Duquesne has to offer in order to help you occupy your time.


From popular movies to ice cream parties to special events hosted by campus clubs, the NiteSpot offers probably the widest array of activities on campus to keep you occupied during the year. Weekly emails inform students of everything that will be going on in this Student Union nighttime hangout, so keep your eyes peeled for them.


It’s no secret that Duquesne doesn’t have the same explosive games as larger universities, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth going to the sporting events on campus. Not only are they free for students to attend, but they can also be extremely fun, exciting ways to both hang out with your friends and support Duquesne – no matter what the score ends up being. Some sports currently in season are football, soccer and volleyball, and game schedules can be found on the Duquesne Athletics website, goduquesne.com.

Red Masquers Plays

For those interested in the arts, seeing productions put on by the Red Masquers is a must. This campus theater organization performs multiple shows every semester in the Genesius Theater, and with tickets offered at only $5 for students at the gate, it’s the perfect place to see some classic performances without having to travel far or break the bank.

Duquesne EXPO

The Duquesne EXPO is by far the biggest event on campus for getting involved. Hosted on Academic Walk at the beginning of every September, this day-long tabling extravaganza lets students of any year find information about almost every club available on campus. This is the main way that students end up getting involved at Duquesne, and it’s perfect for incoming freshmen who may not be familiar with everything the school has to offer.


As mentioned above, campus clubs and organizations are a huge way to keep yourself occupied during the year – and for years to come. What’s great about Duquesne is that there are hundreds of clubs for almost every taste out there. Are you a self-proclaimed environmentalist? Then go check out Evergreen. Do you have a love and passion for writing? Try signing up for the :Lexicon or The Duke. Do your hobbies involve something else? Then hit up CampusLink, a website for Duquesne’s clubs that can be accessed through DORI, and find every other organization available on campus.


Last but certainly not least, don’t forget to explore the beautiful city that you’re now living in. The Strip District on the other side of Downtown is a great area for groceries, whereas Oakland and the South Side are the perfect spots for cute cafes, restaurants, boutiques and other stores. The city also has dozens of museums and theaters in various locations, all only a short walk or bus ride from campus.

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