Duquesne plans first Day of Giving

By Gigi Jeddi

Duquesne is planning its first Day of Giving virtual fundraising event, which will allow alumni and other donors to direct monetary gifts to their favorite department, division or organization at Duquesne.

The Feb. 16 event, which is being advertised through social media, will also allow people to make unrestricted gifts that will be used to fill the university’s most pressing needs, according to David Jakielo, assistant director of annual giving.

According to Jakielo, the Day of Giving is replacing last year’s Month of Giving event, which was highly successful.

Throughout the day on the 16th, visitors to Duquesne’s donation page will be able to watch a counter change as digital donations come in.

“The online form will have a textbox where donors can write-in where they want to designate their gift,” Jakielo said. “Everyone will be able to see in real-time donations being made on the day and a list of donors.”

There is no minimum donation limit, and Jakielo said even a gift of $10 will make a difference.

Since this is Duquesne’s first Day of Giving, Jakielo said it is hard to predict how much money will be raised. If the event is successful, it could become an annual tradition, although Jakielo said nothing is confirmed for next year.

To encourage some friendly competition, Jakielo and others in the Annual Giving office have created three challenges, supported by anonymous donors. Whichever school receives the most donations will also get a $5,000 bonus.

If at least 100 donors make contributions to the business school, an anonymous donor has agreed to donate an additional $10,000, and a third donor agreed to match any donations to the Gamma Phi 100th Anniversary Scholarship Fund up to $5,000.

Donations can be made at www.duq.edu/dayofgiving.