Duquesne Towers

IMG_0135Year Built: 1971
Price: $3,206
Capacity: 1,113 residents
Years Allowed: freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: doubles, triples, wings
Laundry Facilities: in each wing
Bathroom Facilities: communal, in each wing
What’s New: Renovations completed in 2016 of all rooms, bathrooms and furniture

Real thoughts from real students:

IMG_0161“I also like having a common room where we can hang out on the floor and having a little kitchenette, though I wish the kitchenette had a stove or something.” — Anna Collins, Freshman

“Being able to go into both towers in the building unrestricted is nice. We lived in St. Ann’s last year, and this is definitely better.” — Chloe Cenna, Sophomore

“I would like to see more study areas. There are lounges on each floor, but they’re not exactly quiet.” — Claire Meredith, Sophomore

“When the RA’s do their rounds at night, they way my room is located, it’s really loud.” — Sarah Heney, Sophomore

“The only downside is that sometimes the elevators don’t work.” — Matti Lyn King, Freshman

“It’s great having Hogan, the [Towers Campus] Market and SMC [Student Mail Center] in the same building.” — Natalie Thompson, Freshman