Expert NFL Predictions from The Duke’s Staff: Week 11

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady threw for 266 yards and three touchdowns as the New England Patriots rolled over the Denver Broncos 41-16 on Nov. 12, at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Patriots running back was the top rusher of the day, recording 55 yards and a touchdown, while Denver wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was the top receiver with 137 receiving yards.

For the Duke editors who were able to put their moral judgement aside and pick the Patriots, they reaped a victory for the week. News editor Raymond Arke keeps his top spot on the leaderboard with a 7-2 record, but assistant photo editor Bryanna McDermott is not far behind at 6-3.

Next up the league-leading Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Sunday Night Football. Check below for the staff’s expert — and not-so-expert — predictions for the game.

How will the Duke staff fare after Week 11 of NFL play?

Don’t forget to check in each week to see how the editors are faring in this football-prediction frenzy.


Week 11: Philadelphia Eagles (8-1-0) vs. Dallas Cowboys (5-4-0)

Raymond Arke 7-2  (News Editor): Eagles

“It looks like Philadelphia made something legitimately good … for once.”

Leah Devorak 2-7 (Editor-In-Chief): Eagles

“It’s the opposite of my gut instinct.”

Shivani Gosai 5-4 (Opinions Editor): Cowboys

“I have some bad memories of Philadelphia.”

Zach Landau 4-5 (A&E Editor): Eagles

“They seem to be doing okay.”

Ollie Gratzinger 4-5 (Features Editor): Eagles

“We share a state.”

Hallie Lauer 3-6 (Layout Editor): Cowboys

“On principle, I don’t root for anything from Philly.”

Adam Lindner 5-4 (Sports Editor): Eagles

“I keep hoping they’re going to lose, and they haven’t yet.”

Kailey Love 5-4 (Photo Editor): Cowboys

“Don’t mess with Texas.”

Bryanna McDermott 6-3 (Asst. Photo Editor): Cowboys

“Philly fans once threw snowballs at Santa Claus — unforgivable.”