Måneskin pushes boundaries with new album

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | After finishing their European tour last summer, Måneskin resurfaced with a strong album debut.

Andy Kamis | Staff Writer

Jan. 26, 2023

Put your loving hand out! The Italian glam-rock band, Måneskin, is back with 17 new tracks after debuting their latest album — “Rush!” — on Friday. This is Måneskin’s third album release since the band formed in 2016 with critically-acclaimed reviews already sprouting up across the world.

Common for the band, “Rush!” deals with real worldwide issues, but this time Måneskin uses various experimental techniques to emphasize their intentions. Many of the songs are lyric-focused as well, which allows the songs to change in intensity to match the meaning of the words.

Lyrics taken from “Rush!”’s opening song, “OWN MY MIND,” introduced fans to some of the album’s major themes. “Well, I don’t know your secrets, I’m no visionary. Yeah, I don’t know your story, but I like what I see,” sang lead singer Damiano David. This song revitalized every typical aspect of a Måneskin track, but also differed from previous songs in some key areas, such as a more moderate use of sounds.

The next track on the album was “GOSSIP,” which features the famous guitarist, Tom Morello. Under Spotify’s Storyline feature, Måneskin explained that this song grapples with the societal demand of conformity, in regards to “aesthetic and behavioral standards.” Måneskin’s lead guitarist, Thomas Raggi, challenged prominent rock bands like Arctic Monkeys in this song with instant-hit rock-and-roll riffs, followed by more iconic vocals from David.

“TIMEZONE” compares very differently to “Rush!”’s other tracks, consisting of a much slower tempo and somber melody. David sang about the band’s own experience again; this time expressing their emotions during their Europe tour and the pain caused by constantly being away from their loved ones. Their longing to reunite with their family and friends is exemplified in the lyrics.

“Only thing that keeps us apart is seven thousand miles, running like a mad dog…Tomorrow I got another plane, I’m not gonna take it…Instead, I’m gonna fly straight to you.” The guitar layering sounds like it is straight out of a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, but it still stands firm on its own — indicating that it’s only a matter of time before it becomes another international hit.

“BABY SAID” features subtle changes in rhythm, unique riffs and a beat drop among some of the most catchy and interesting lyrics in the whole album. This is similar to “GASOLINE,” which is composed of the same elements, used to make a stand against war through a growing crescendo of vitality. Ironic to the song’s purpose, it feels like Måneskin is raising their own army in this one!

Perhaps one of the most interesting tracks in the album is “FEEL.” Måneskin claimed that the lyrics are used as the “real instrument” in this song and that none of the words hold meaning. Undeniably, this is demonstrated in their lyrics, “Blue jeans and leather, never looked that hot before. Don’t you mind if I just stay? Goodbye.” The song even opens with 40 consecutive repetitions of the word “la.” Even though this track does not have any overarching implications, it is nonetheless just as entertaining as the rest.

“DON’T WANT TO SLEEP,” along with “MARK CHAPMAN” and “LA FINE” are all very expeditious in nature and each make a strong mark as traditional “dance songs.” “MARK CHAPMAN” is the album’s first song written in Italian, which is symbolic and significant to the band members.

“Using the Italian language is such an important part of us, the essence of our work and our beginnings,” Måneskin states under Spotify’s Storyline feature.

The song’s beats per minute (BPM) is 178, making it the fastest song Måneskin has recorded so far.

Slowing things down again, “IL DONO DELLA VITA,” is intended to encourage listeners to enjoy the small parts that make up their lives.

On Spotify, Måneskin stated that it is an “exaltation of joy and awareness of what you have.” This is a passionate piece that evokes a lot of emotions and is fulfilled with inspiration. It compares to another slow song, titled “IF NOT FOR YOU,” which emulates classic love songs and exercises a vital use of string instruments.

The last remaining tracks, “MAMMAMIA,” “SUPERMODEL” and “THE LONELIEST,” were first released as singles prior to “Rush!”’s debut. All three of them became international hits in a short period of time and perfectly tie in with the rest of the album and bring it to its close.

Whereas “MAMMAMIA” and “SUPERMODEL” are less serious songs that share the stories of fictional characters, “THE LONELIEST” tells its listeners how to say farewell to something — or someone — that they love.

“Rush!” is bursting with new remarkable music that has enough potential to top the the charts and redefine how the world views modern rock-and-roll. Måneskin has done it again! My personal rating: four-and-a-half stars.