Men’s Fashion 2017

Leah Devorak | Editor-in-Chief Nicolas Jozefczyk models a trendy sweatshirt with text reading, "You're too close," across the chest.

By Leah Devorak | Editor-in-Chief


The weather is finally starting to turn cold, which means it’s also finally time to figure out your fall wardrobe.

Fall fashion can be ridiculously hard, not only because the temperature fluctuates until around late November but also because the options of what to wear get very tiresome very quickly. Plaid and jeans, sweater and trousers, T-shirt and jacket — men certainly don’t have as many options this time of year as ladies do. But don’t let that discourage you; designers are trying hard to make this autumn the best men have seen, with a plethora of options and unique style changes for every taste on the market. Here are just a few that publications like Vogue and GQ are predicting to be the most popular in the upcoming months.

Leah Devorak | Editor-in-Chief
Nicolas Jozefczyk models a trendy sweatshirt with text reading, “You’re too close,” across the chest.

As always, lightweight sweaters are the shirt of choice this fall. However, designers like Gucci are sending the classic garment back onto the market with a twist: oversized proportions and graphic designs. Yes, these two features have finally made their way out of the T-shirt department and into knitwear, ranging in size from baggy to knee-length and featuring anything from abstract images to political statements. Try pairing them with skinny fit pants for a sleek yet cool look, and be sure to choose one in cashmere or cotton to avoid any bothersome itch.

Shirts with high necks — like the increasingly common roll neck — have been popular during the fall and winter for a few years now. This season is no different, with not only the roll neck returning in shows like Louis Vuitton and Versace but also the classic turtleneck making its comeback. Found on shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts alike, touting a high neck is the perfect option for men of all styles.

Enough with the old, though. A new trend starting to catch fire is the silken pajama shirt. Yes, we’re talking about those Ricky Ricardo, honey-I-need-a-smoke collared shirts that have been slowly emerging onto the market with help from brands like Gucci. They’re recommended highly by British GQ, and they’re starting to become fairly easy to find in stores. So if you want a fresh spin on the classic button down, try a pajama-style shirt this season. When tucked into a pair of fitted trousers, you’ll look nothing but classic cool.

With chilly air quickly coming, it’s always important to have the perfect jacket to throw on anytime it’s needed. Designers like Dries Van Noten and Topman are spicing up the cuts and styles popular of late by adding quilted textures reminiscent of those found on grandma’s old blanket. But don’t think that donning one will make you look like you rolled out of bed and straight into your quilt. This bit of texture simply takes what otherwise would have been a very boring garment and turns it into a unique statement that will instantly transform your outfit.

Leah Devorak | Editor-in-Chief
This moss green flannel is a popular choice for men’s fall fashion. Other popular colors are blue, orange, red and yellow.

Anything reminiscent of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s is also a huge trend this fall. From pleated, wide leg trousers to red, white and blue, oversized quarter zips. If it looks straight out of The Fresh Prince, it’s exactly the thing to wear.

As for accessories, according to Vogue, neckties are making a huge return, with shows like Prada, Dior Homme and Alexander McQueen pairing them with almost every outfit on the runway. Also, designers like Kenzo and Undercover are taking the traditional concept of outerwear accessories and throwing it out the window, instead using oversized hoods and ski masks that cover almost the entire face, mouth and neck to provide extra warmth.

Finally, try to buy everything listed here in classic fall colors like orange, camel and moss green, as they have been the most popular among designers this season, with Givenchy, Etro, Fendi, Missoni, Valentino, MSGM and Moschino just being a few. However, keep in mind that the ‘80’s and ‘90’s are also hugely in, so the bright, funky colors associated with those eras are also more than acceptable choices.