SGA approves special election

Brandon Addeo | News Editor

The Student Government Association announced a special election to fill the position of Executive Vice President for Student Life after the former incoming candidate Kevin Stalker abdicated the position on March 24.

The SGA Senate agreed at their March 26 meeting to schedule the election for April 18 on the CampusLink website.

Since Stalker ran unopposed, there is no opposition candidate who can step in to fill the position and a new election must be held, SGA Election Board Chair Tyler McCardell said at the meeting.

McCardell proposed temporarily changing the signature requirement to get onto the SGA election ballot from 576 signatures to 200, as candidates will only have two weeks to fill out election packets until an April 10 deadline. Candidates for SGA election typically have two months to fill out election packets.

The SGA unanimously approved the suggested changes.

Anyone on campus can run for the office, and candidates who ran and lost for other SGA executive board positions in February will be also eligible to run in the special election.

The special election comes after the prior candidate, Kevin Stalker, was arrested March 11 on charges of assault, robbery and escaping police custody. Stalker had a preliminary hearing scheduled by a judge to April 27.

The new SGA executive board served in their official capacity for the first time at the March 26 meeting.

Raymond Arke contributed reporting.