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Hyped-up halftime show disappoints

Hyped-up halftime show disappoints

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 02/07/19 While the New England Patriots had their sweet victory, the SpongeBob SquarePants fans in the stadium did not. The Super Bowl 2019 halftime show brought disappointment to fans, as it was not the show-stopping performance anticipated. With Maroon 5 headlining, along with Travis Scott and Big Boi as supporting […]

FM! uses radio motif to tackle real-life issues

<em>FM!</em> uses radio motif to tackle real-life issues

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 11/08/17 Vince Staples’ latest work FM! is a surrealist interpretation of gang violence, pop culture and the glorification of rappers. As impressive and daunting as this selection of topics is, Staples really shines in the cohesiveness and flow of the concepts on this album. In the opening track “Feels Like […]