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Freed soundtrack submits to disappointment

<em>Freed</em> soundtrack submits to disappointment

By Nicolas Jozefczyk | A&E Editor 02/15/2018 In a post-Loud world, one already blessed with Rihanna’s infamous battle cry, “Chains and whips excite me,” the assumption that the soundtrack for an S&M movie would live to embody a similar spirit of raunchiness would be a foregone conclusion. Sadly, that is not the case. Released on […]

“Fifty Shades” of enjoyable mediocrity

By: Addison Smith | Opinions Editor Sometimes, you have to be willing to make fun of yourself to get through life, and Fifty Shades of Grey seemed to take this notion to heart in production. In what seems like a satire of the book before it, the movie turned out surprisingly charming, albeit not the […]