Invader Zim successfully returns to Earth

<em>Invader Zim</em> successfully returns to Earth

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 08/22/19 Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, released on Netflix this past Friday, is yet another film to join the long list of media from the 90s and early 2000s to be rebooted and brought back to life. More than a decade since the final episode of the show aired, Netflix […]

She-Ra reboot returns with iffy second season

<em>She-Ra</em> reboot returns with iffy second season

Timothy Rush | Staff Writer 05/02/19 Second seasons can be hits or misses. It is hard to capture the same magic that made the first season great or continue the same story arcs efficiently. In turn, a new season grants a new opportunity to right the wrongs of the previous one. Overall, season 2 of […]

Netflix reboots ‘80s classic She-Ra with more diverse cast

Netflix reboots ‘80s classic <em>She-Ra</em> with more diverse cast

11/29/18 Timothy Rush | Staff Writer As Dreamworks’ own Voltron: Legendary Defender comes to a close in its final season, Netflix makes the move in remaking another classic cartoon in its most recent Netflix Original Series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Initially pitched to Netflix by showrunner Noelle Stevenson as a single-season remake of […]

DC Comics rebooting universe … again

DC Comics rebooting universe … again

By Grant Stoner | The Duquesne Duke When reading a comic book, certain themes are bound to appear. A single man saves a city of millions from a homicidal clown, a main character must deal with the loss of a loved one or a hero/heroine discovers that, despite their unique and frightening powers, they are […]