st patrick’s day 2013

From Boston to the ‘Burgh:: The evolution of St. Patrick’s Day

From Boston to the ‘Burgh:: The evolution of St. Patrick’s Day

By: Zach Brendza|Features Editor  While Pittsburgh claims to have the second biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the United States, there was a time before all were marching through Downtown. “Traditionally, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is something comparable to Thanksgiving here in the States,” said the reverend Sean Hogan, vice president of student life. […]

Dressing the part: Shirts for St. Patrick’s Day 2013

By: Michael Lynch|The Duquesne Duke While many students are working towards a state of super hydration this week in preparation for a St. Patrick’s Day pub-crawling extravaganza, Pittsburgh stores are doing a little preparation of their own. Stores like Common Wealth Press and Blasfome in South Side, as well as The Looney Bin in the […]

St. Patrick’s Day Survival Guide 2013: Tips for surviving the holiday

By: Allison Keene|The Duquesne Duke St. Patrick’s Day is an American staple. Every March 17, the country suddenly bursts with newly-minted Irishmen, celebrating with great enthusiasm an Americanized (and usually rowdy) version of Irish culture. Channeling your inner-Irishman is a must for this celebration, but not following the St. Patrick’s Day rules can be a […]