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From their hands to yours: A glimpse into this year’s Handmade Arcade

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

Photo courtesy of Joey Kennedy

It is safe to say that the indulgence over Pittsburgh’s ever-increasing arts scene sounds like a broken record for some people, but others realize that the city has transformed into a center that has transitioned...Read More »

The Final Countdown: Campus stress builds as exams draw near

(Taylor Miles/The Duquesne Duke) Students study hard on the third floor of Gumberg Library. The library will be filled to capacity over the coming weeks as campus prepares for the exam season.

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

With classes coming to a close and...Read More »

‘Miss Pat’ remembered as loving, generous

Courtesy Photo. Mary Patricia Carpenter died Nov. 25.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

A longtime Duquesne employee who worked as a cashier in Towers dining hall died Nov. 25.

Mary Patricia “Pat” Carpenter, 90, was employed by Duquesne dining services for 48 years.

Hailing from Mt....Read More »

Phi Kappa Phi deemed Chapter of Excellence

Courtesy Photo. Incoming members of Phi Kappa Phi are inducted at a ceremony in April.

By Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke

Duquesne’s Phi Kappa Phi chapter is one of 29 chapters nationwide to receive the national’s highest commendation award.

The Chapter of Excellence award is given...Read More »

Duquesne mourns sudden death of student

Photo Courtesy of Andrew Havranek. Sara Sawick takes a bow after playing the Cat in the Hat in Spotlight Musical Theatre’s 2012 production of Seussical.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

A Duquesne liberal arts student found dead Monday morning was a free-spirited stage performer with...Read More »

Students question parking on campus

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. Cars sit parked in the lot between the Palumbo Center and Forbes Garage.

By Max Blechman | The Duquesne Duke

Despite growing complaints about the availability of surface parking spaces on weekdays, Duquesne is continuing its policy of granting...Read More »

Mutual Defense: Duquesne law clinic defends veterans

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Assistant Features Editor

While Veterans Day may be in the headlines this week, for those associated with Duquesne Law School’s Veterans Clinic, our servicemen and women are always on the mind.

Photo Courtesy Sara Linkosky. Court officials and members of the law...Read More »

Tour guides provide first impression

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

There is something about a college tour that can make or break a school for a person. Take it from someone who ended up not applying to Syracuse University, her dream school, after an awful tour, the college tour is kind of important.

At most of the...Read More »

Advanced Warfare takes next-gen further

By: Saul Berrios-Thomas | Layout Editor


This photo courtesy of Activision shows Kevin Spacey in a scene from the video game, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.” (AP Photo/Activision)

Advanced Warfare is the best Call of Duty since Black Ops, and it may be one of the...Read More »

Election 2014: Governor-elect Wolf pledges education, job reform

Photo by Zach Brendza | Features Editor. Governor-elect Tom Wolf greets supporters at a grassroots campaign event Oct. 27 at the IBEW Union Hall in South Side. After the most expensive election race in state history, Wolf beat incumbent Tom Corbett by a margin...Read More »

Long time comic combatants bring rivalry to cinema

By: Sean Ray & Corey Fischer | The Duquesne Duke

DC Comics

Batman v. Superman
Despite a late start in comparison to their competitor Marvel, the first Iron Man movie is six years old now, and DC comics is looking to come out swinging with its lineup of...Read More »

Low voter turnout plagues midterms

AP Photo. Election official Britt Munnell (right) checks in Penn State student Emilee Ehret before she votes in the HUB building on Election Day in State College, Pa.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

The number of ballots cast on Election Day Tuesday in Allegheny...Read More »

Eating green: Pittsburgh vegan options growing

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

In Pittsburgh, you can get just about any cuisine that comes to mind. Even strict herbivore can satisfy their hunger with everything from vegan cheesesteak to vegan ice cream. Veganism in the city continues to become more prevalent.

On Nov. 1, the Pittsburgh Vegan Festival brought...Read More »

Ebola nurse refuses quarantine, practices rights

Bryanna McDermott | Student Columnist

When health care professionals from the group Doctors without Borders arrived at an airport in Newark, New Jersey, last month from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone, each were tested for the disease and checked for symptoms. A nurse, Kaci Hickox, was found with an elevated...Read More »

Apple CEO comes out as gay, more should follow

Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

Last Thursday CEO of Apple Inc. Timothy Cook, in a self-authored Bloomberg Businessweek exposé, came out as gay.

“I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” he wrote in the emotional statement.

As CNN Money reported, of...Read More »

Young legislator rocks the vote

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

Saira Blair has officially become the youngest state lawmaker in the country as of Election Day 2014.

Blair, 18, won a seat on the state legislature in West Virginia, defeating her opponents with 63 percent of the vote. She garnered support from the NRA and was too...Read More »

As election nears, Clinton endorses Wolf

Photo by Zach Brendza | Features Editor. Former President Bill Clinton praises Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf at a campaign event Monday at the IBEW Union Hall in South Side. Clinton urged voters to unseat Republican incumbent Tom Corbett in the election Nov. 4.

By...Read More »

Zimmerman lawyer blasts media coverage

Photo by Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke. Attorney Mark O’Mara (left) answers a question from Robert Morris University professor Letrell D. Crittenden (right) at a panel Oct. 27 in the Power Center Ballroom.

By Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke

The defense attorney for George...Read More »

The science of scare

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

With October drawing to a close and All Hallows’ Eve approaching Friday night, fear and fright is in the air. Soon, as haunted houses fill and horror movies play, terror-lovers will be experiencing the fascinating and complicated emotion of fear. Our reactions to scare...Read More »

Future Tenant showcases 10 plays for $10

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

On Friday evening nearing 8 p.m., the barren and plain studio that resides on the corner of Ninth Street and Exchange Way in the Cultural District was crammed with an anticipating audience awaiting never-before-seen plays, otherwise known as the Future Ten 11 Play Festival.

The Festival,...Read More »

Staff editorial: Duquesne's haunts are more real than you think

Duke Staff

If you’re like us, midterms and student loans are a lot scarier than any ghost stories.

A transitory time in your life, college is a temporal place where one experiences growth, learning and constant change. In this time of transition, The Duke wishes you a spooky and safe Halloween; however...Read More »

Yik Yak provides anonymity

Addison Smith | Opinions Editors

There’s something about being completely and utterly anonymous that excites people. No one can connect an odd or vulgar statement to you, which is why it seems Yik Yak has risen to the top of the app store and is on everyone’s cellphone.

For those of you...Read More »

Father Hogan to step down: New challenges await long-time Duquesne VP

Courtesy Photo. The Rev. Sean Hogan poses for a graduation photo at Duquesne in 1976.

By Julian Routh and Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

There are not many free spots on the Rev. Sean Hogan’s calendar.

That’s the way it has been for 26 years since...Read More »

Pittsburgh hospitals detail Ebola preparation

AP Photo. Doctors participate in an exercise on diagnosing and treating patients with Ebola virus symptoms at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles.

By Brittney Jackson | The Duquesne Duke

The Allegheny County Health Department is collaborating with hospitals, health care providers, emergency...Read More »

On their grind: The Duke profiles student entrepreneurs

(Zach Brendza / The Duquesne Duke) Spencer Rubeck stands in front of his shop, Innovative Vapors.

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

As a high school senior, Spencer Rubeck had to complete a service project to become an Eagle Scout. Nothing out of the usual, he...Read More »

Future Tenant preps for 11th annual festival

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

Courtesy of Kate Martin- Future Tenant will be hosting the 11th annual Future Ten Play Festival this Friday.

As the city of Pittsburgh continually evolves through its cultural renaissance, additional forms of artistic ability and entertainment have begun to develop...Read More »

Where the Wild Things Are: Behind the cage at the Pittsburgh Zoo

By Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

This past Sunday The Duke got a behind...Read More »

As Ebola spreads, nurses prepare

AP Photo. A sign points to the entrance to the emergency room at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, where Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was being treated.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

The Duquesne School of Nursing is taking steps to educate students on...Read More »

Report details economic impact of universities

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. In 2013, Duquesne contributed more than $457 million to Pittsburgh’s economy.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

Pittsburgh universities made a $9 billion impact on the local economy in the fiscal year 2012-13, a recent report by the...Read More »

Cuba needs aid, even 50 years later

Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor

More than 50 years later the U.S. embargo against Cuba is still in place and Cuba hasn’t changed at all.

The embargo began on Oct. 19, 1960. Contrary to popular belief the embargo was not put in place to stop communist regimes. It was in reaction to...Read More »

Fast food campaign backfires

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

We all have that fast food restaurant that we frequent when we just aren’t feeling 100 percent, or just truly want to eat because hey, we want it. For some, that place of choice may be McDonald’s and for some of those people, they may not...Read More »

From Duquesne dorms to Pixburgh

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

Former Duquesne University student Devin Miles released the 10-track album Pixburgh on Tuesday.

Just a couple of years ago, Devin Miles was nothing more than an undergraduate at Duquesne University with hip-hop pipe dreams. Following a stint at the University...Read More »

Pa. chief justice honored at DU amid porn email scandal

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices convene in the Power Center Ballroom Tuesday afternoon to honor Ronald Castille.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

The state Supreme Court chief justice said this week at Duquesne he plans to meet with...Read More »

Panel remembers late president McAnulty

Photo by Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke. Panelists discuss the life of the Rev. Henry McAnulty at an event Saturday morning.

By Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke

Duquesne kicked off a yearlong celebration this weekend of the life of the Rev. Henry J. McAnulty,...Read More »

Pittsburgh heritage: From floats to family trees

Freedom Summer honored

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

(Claire Murray / Photo Editor) Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies march in formation Saturday. This year’s parade focused on the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer.

Despite the less-than-ideal looming weather, snapping drums, revving engines and enthusiastic chants...Read More »

The Fault in our Movies: Hollywood and books glamorize cancer

Bryanna McDermott | Student Columnist

To quote the popular book by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars, “Cancer books suck.”

Not just books though, also movies and television shows. Why? They are unrealistic and do those battling cancer a disservice. Hollywood likes to portray not only cancer, but all other terminal...Read More »

On campus musicians prep for battle

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

Photo by: Kayla Casavant- Cody Holmes of The Annexation of Puerto Rico

The traditions of a Duquesne homecoming are synonymous with any typical homecoming. Alumni who matriculated to their respective school return with a sense of nostalgia, and a king...Read More »

Writing on a train, Duquesne style

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

Every writer has his ideal writing location. Agatha Christie preferred to write in the bathtub while eating apples. Maya Angelou preferred to write in solitude in a hotel room. Benjamin Franklin preferred to write in a hotel room while traipsing around naked.

Needless to say, writers are...Read More »

Suspect named in 'veiled threat' against student

By Julian Routh | News Editor

A Scott man is awaiting a hearing on charges he threatened a Duquesne student on Facebook last week.

Shane Murphy, 22, was arraigned Sept. 25 on two counts of terroristic threats after posting a message to Facebook that said, “Equipment, check. Firepower, check. Gameplan, check. It’s...Read More »

Costa Rican president stops by DU for degree

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. Law school dean Ken Gormley (left) shakes the hand of Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís (right) after giving him an honorary degree Sept. 27.

By Max Blechman | For The Duquesne Duke

The Duquesne School of Law bestowed...Read More »

DU collects unused meds for disposal

Photo by Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke. Prescription drugs are gathered at Bayer Hall Sept. 26 as part of Drug Take Back Day.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

Students and faculty brought their expired and unused prescription drugs to Duquesne Sept. 26 for...Read More »

2014 Pittsburgh Biennial: 10 years of local art


(Claire Murray / Photo Editor) Aspirations, created by photographer Martha Rial, looks at the life goals of eight young adults with Aspergers Syndrome.

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

A small printer slowly but surely produced slips of sentences, a Wikileaks themed videogame stood ready for...Read More »

Welcome to your life: Life advice from someone who has been there

Zach Brendza | Features Editor

Things fall through, fairly often in the newspaper world actually. In fact this article never would have been printed if the previous one assigned didn’t fall through. I’ve been thinking a lot about how things are now and how they used to be inregards to my...Read More »

Experiencing VIA: The city’s largest music fest

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

Courtesy of VIA archive

Less than a month ago, Pittsburgh hosted the second annual entertaining and informative Thrival Innovation and Music Festival in Bakery Square, which really placed a target on the Steel City as a hub for creativity and...Read More »

Boys chase girls who act like boys

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

While driving back from Washington, D.C. this weekend I plugged in my iPod and instead of blasting music, decided to listen to podcasts. I listened to topics ranging from Chris Hardwick and Ed Helms discussing bluegrass music to past episodes of Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me...Read More »

New music dean looks to future of school

Photo by Jill Power | The Duquesne Duke. Music school dean Seth Beckman speaks at a welcome reception Sept. 2.

By Jill Power | The Duquesne Duke

The new dean of the Mary Pappert School of Music wants to expand the opportunity for higher music education...Read More »

City budget calls for property tax hikes

AP Photo. Bill Peduto unveils the 2015 budget.

By Aaron Warnick | The Duquesne Duke

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto announced a $505.9 million budget for 2o15 that includes a property tax hike.

The budget is the start of a “new era of truth in budgeting,” Peduto said...Read More »

Fall fashion 2014, a similar season arises: men’s stays static, while women’s evolves

By: Carrie Garrison and Zach Brendza | The Duquesne Duke

This fall brings new daring trends and a return of classic looks. Colors like summer neutrals, camels and blacks will transition into fall, but it’s time to trade sandals in for fall booties and sweater tights. Summer jean jackets will become...Read More »

Local Spotlight: The Duke talks to Girl Scout

By: Sam Fatula | a&e editor

Recently, The Duke sat down with singer and guitarist of up-and-coming band Girl Scout, Jeremy Zerbe. Over the summer, the band released a six-song, self-titled EP that shows off a unique blend of grunge and slacker rock that gives them an identity all their own...Read More »

Childhood pain leads to growth

Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor
I went to a different school for my second year of high school. I was new, but everyone else knew each other.

I dreaded lunch period. I had no one to sit with for weeks. I even went as far as to skip the period altogether...Read More »

Staff editorial: Air strikes are first steps in protecting our security

Duke Staff

On Sept. 20, 2001, just nine days after the attacks on 9/11, former President George W. Bush told Congress that the United States would wage a “war on terror” against militant Islamic group al-Qaida.

Here we are in a similar spot 13 years later, but something is different. This time,...Read More »

Brewing thoughts: Openness in our lifetime

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

Last week, a woman sitting across from me on the bus with a messy bun and yoga pants hissed loudly through her phone to a hypothetical boyfriend. Now, I understand that people talk loudly on their cell phones at times, so this obviously wasn’t new to...Read More »

BREAKING: Scotland votes no to independence


By Aaron Warnick | The Duquesne Duke

The world watched Thursday as the Scottish revolution funneled into polling places.

More than 1.5 million Scots voted to reject the union and become an independent nation, but were overruled by the 1.9 million who voted that...Read More »

Late dean pushed nursing school forward

Courtesy Photo. Former nursing Dean Eileen Zungolo died from cancer on Sept. 7.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

Eileen Zungolo, who served as dean and professor of the Duquesne School of Nursing from 2002 to 2012, died Sept. 7 from cancer at age 73.

Friends and...Read More »

The Duke sits down with Hannah Grace Clark

By: Aaron Warnick | The Duquesne Duke

(Photo Courtesy of David Kelly – Artist Hannah Grace Clark

Hannah Grace Clark was featured as an “Emerging Artist” at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this past June. Her art exhibit Ancient Gods and Hidden Worlds...Read More »

Rappellers fight fear, gravity to fundraise

Photo by Fred Blauth | Editor-in-Chief. Pittsburgher Bert Dorazio rappels down the Oliver Building Wednesday morning in a Superman costume.

By Fred Blauth | Editor-in-Chief

Sixty people rappelled down the 25-story Oliver Building in Downtown Pittsburgh on Wednesday to raise money for those affected by cancer.

The...Read More »

TransPride Pittsburgh holds second national conference

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

TransPride Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the local transgender community, had their second annual National Conference this past week. Held at First United Methodist Church in Shadyside, the conference ran from Sept. 12 through Sept. 14 and consisted of a variety of...Read More »

Thrival Festival rocks Bakery Square

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