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Duquesne football safety Chris Johnson found dead

Courtesy of the Duquesne Athletics Department.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

Duquesne football standout and Florida transfer Chris Johnson, 22, was found dead Friday of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office.  The medical examiner ruled Johnson’s death...Read More »

President Dougherty to retire in '16 amid DU growth

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. University President Charles Dougherty poses for a photo Monday in his office in the Administration Building. The 65 year-old announced last week that he will step down from his post on June 30, 2016, citing term limits...Read More »

Arti-Facts: Duquesne ring unites alumni abroad

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. A Duquesne class ring reflects off of a table. The ring, which was created in the early 20th century, is one of the most recognizable rings in the country.

By Carolyn Conte | The Duquesne Duke

A simple sparkle...Read More »

The Duke does Valentine's Day

The Duke ran an advertisement for Valentine’s Day dates with two of our staffers. The week after, they tell their stories.

(Joey Sykes / The Duquesne Duke) Joey Sykes and Kayge Thomson pose at DeNunzio’s Italian Restaurant in Monroeville.

By: Joey Sykes | The Duquesne Duke

Okay,...Read More »

The shots that should have been heard around the world

Rebekah Devorak | Asst. Opinions Editor

If you take a look at the United States Constitution, you’ll see that freedom of religion is promised right at the top. Our founding fathers, who experienced unimaginable prejudice for practicing religion against the Church of England, thought it was so imperative for future generations...Read More »

Former president Murray dies at 82

Courtesy Photo. John Murray, 82, died Wednesday.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

Former Duquesne president John R. Murray Jr., who led the University into the 21st century, died Wednesday at age 82.

Murray, chancellor and law professor, served as Duquesne’s first lay president from 1988 to...Read More »

DU officials confident in wireless network

Photo by Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke. Sophomore music therapy major Elizabeth Harris surfs the internet on the campus wireless network, which has recently come under fire for its lack of effectiveness.

By Max Blechman | The Duquesne Duke

Amid complaints of Wi-Fi problems on...Read More »

Grabbing for Grammys: What happened on music's biggest night

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

The term overwhelming doesn’t justly characterize Sunday’s 57th annual Grammy Awards … although everything from jampacked performances to Kim Kardashian’s Ric Flair-inspired robe could argue otherwise. Rather, the award show seemed to once again favor mainstream genres during its national broadcast without giving lesser-known artists...Read More »

This Won't be on the Test: Professor Laura Engel discusses Jane Austen, material culture and 18th century reenacting

(Courtesy of Laura Engel) Engel at a conference dressed up in 18th century clothing.

By: Kaye Burnet | The Duquesne Duke

Laura Engel is an Associate Professor of English who specializes in 18th century British literature, with a focus on theater, gender studies, performance studies and...Read More »

"I'm Lovin' It": McDonald's customers pay it forward

Rebekah Devorak | Asst. Opinions Editor

It’s time to reevaluate that squishy feeling you get when you think about McDonald’s. Rather than simply softening your waistline, McDonald’s new promotion aims to charm our hearts with a little bit of lovin’.

The fast food powerhouse debuted “Pay with Lovin’” during Super Bowl XLIX...Read More »

Satire news is kind of important

Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

Jon Stewart. Larry Wilmore. Stephen Colbert. John Oliver. These four names have proven that sometimes the news doesn’t have to be the dull programming running in the background while you’re visiting your grandparents. News can be fun, witty and comedic, while also being informative and eye-opening,...Read More »

Excuses, Excuses: From wild and wacky to mild and mundane

(Leah Devorak / For The Duquesne Duke) Mathematics professor Joseph Worthington lectures a class in College Hall. Professors like Worthington often hear excuses, be they true or not, from their students.

By: Lauren Zawatski | For The Duquesne Duke

“I lost my homework!” “I have the...Read More »

Gormley nominated to fill Pa. Supreme Court vacancy

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. Law school dean Ken Gormley (left) shakes the hand of Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís (right) after giving him an honorary degree Sept. 27.

By Julian Routh | News Editor

Duquesne law school dean Ken Gormley was nominated...Read More »

Duquesne spends millions on new buildings

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. The Koren Building stands on Fifth Avenue as the home to Duquesne’s human resources and public affairs departments. The building was purchased in 2013.

By Kaye Burnet | The Duquesne Duke

Duquesne has spent more than $2 million in...Read More »

Getting Prehistoric: Museum caters to adults with After Dark

By: Addison Smith | Opinions Editor

If you’re like most adults, you secretly love museums but hate when there are field trip groups and children roaming around. If that’s the case for you, the Carnegie Museum of Natural History has you covered with “Carnegie After Dark” programs that happen quarterly.

Each night...Read More »

Government media infringes on First Amendment

Corey Fischer | Student Columnist

America. Land of the free, home of the brave. The land of opportunity. For the past two centuries we have clung to ideals and practices that have made us these things, and we have been very careful to preserve the freedoms and rights we as Americans...Read More »

NFL PSA does not make up for the past

Jill Power | Student Columnist

The Super Bowl has come and gone, which means we can all go back to being annoyed by television commercials again.

People are often just as excited to see what company or brand has the most entertaining or captivating commercial as they are for the game to...Read More »

Duquesne on zero dollars a day

(Kaye Burnet/The Duquesne Duke) Duct Tape crafts and meatballs in the Nitespot are a good combination on a cold Friday night.

By: Kaye Burnet | The Duquesne Duke

I wake a few minutes earlier than usual, get ready for the day and scurry toward the Assumption...Read More »

Search for Kochu continues on Monongahela

Photo by Julian Routh | News Editor. The search for missing Duquesne graduate Paul Kochu took to the river last Thursday as volunteers kayaked the Monongahela River in pursuit of any clues of Kochu’s whereabouts. Volunteers also used a boat to search the embankment.

...Read More »

Bluff battles snowy conditions

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. A student walks past Brottier Hall on Tuesday afternoon after Pittsburgh was hit with a storm that dumped more than five inches of snow on the region.

By Kaye Burnet | The Duquesne Duke

Duquesne students struggled across slick...Read More »

Stalking downtown's Gallery Crawl

By: Max Blechman | The Duquesne Duke

Organized by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, the quarterly Gallery Crawl in the Downtown Cultural District has become a crucial part of efforts to transform the city from rust-belt steel-town to a vibrant, thriving community. With 25 locations that displayed paintings and exhibits along Liberty...Read More »

Pop with a Purpose: New Corita Kent Exhibit explores the art of activism

(Courtesy of The Andy Warhol Museum) Corita Kent, E eye love, 1968, courtesy of Corita Art Center, Los Angeles.

By: Rebekah Devorak | For The Duquesne Duke

Think of the last name Kent: who is the first person that comes to mind? Typically it’s the famous...Read More »

Insert Token to Begin: South Side scores new arcade

By: Aaron Warnick | The Duquesne Duke

It’s like walking into fireworks. Lights of every color and unfamiliar noises bounce around the room from every direction. Immediately to your front, a row of machines, seemingly in a yelling match, shout “COMBO!” or “FIGHT!” The sound of several racecar games vrrmmm and...Read More »

Law school dean unafraid of enrollment drop

Photo by Trip Peters | For The Duquesne Duke. Students walk into the Duquesne law school, where enrollment numbers are down.

By Brandon Addeo | The Duquesne Duke

Duquesne’s law school suffered a drop in enrollment in the 2014-15 academic year, a trend that has affected...Read More »

MLK Day protest echoes social problems in U.S.

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. Marchers at a protest in Pittsburgh on Monday carry letters spelling out “#EndWhiteSilence,” a popular Twitter hashtag promoting racial justice in America.

By Kaye Burnet | The Duquesne Duke

More than 1,000 protesters marched down Fifth Avenue from

Oakland to...Read More »

Music overload at the Strip District Music Fest

By: Zach Brendza | Associate Editor

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