Where the Wild Things Are: Behind the cage at the Pittsburgh Zoo

By Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

This past Sunday The Duke got a behind...Read More »

Pittsburgh heritage: From floats to family trees

Freedom Summer honored

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

(Claire Murray / Photo Editor) Allegheny County Sheriff’s deputies march in formation Saturday. This year’s parade focused on the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer.

Despite the less-than-ideal looming weather, snapping drums, revving engines and enthusiastic chants...Read More »

2014 Pittsburgh Biennial: 10 years of local art


(Claire Murray / Photo Editor) Aspirations, created by photographer Martha Rial, looks at the life goals of eight young adults with Aspergers Syndrome.

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | Asst. Features Editor

A small printer slowly but surely produced slips of sentences, a Wikileaks themed videogame stood ready for...Read More »

Fall fashion 2014, a similar season arises: men’s stays static, while women’s evolves

By: Carrie Garrison and Zach Brendza | The Duquesne Duke

This fall brings new daring trends and a return of classic looks. Colors like summer neutrals, camels and blacks will transition into fall, but it’s time to trade sandals in for fall booties and sweater tights. Summer jean jackets will become...Read More »

The Duke sits down with Hannah Grace Clark

By: Aaron Warnick | The Duquesne Duke

(Photo Courtesy of David Kelly – davidkelly.co) Artist Hannah Grace Clark

Hannah Grace Clark was featured as an “Emerging Artist” at the Three Rivers Arts Festival this past June. Her art exhibit Ancient Gods and Hidden Worlds...Read More »

TransPride Pittsburgh holds second national conference

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

TransPride Pittsburgh, an organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the local transgender community, had their second annual National Conference this past week. Held at First United Methodist Church in Shadyside, the conference ran from Sept. 12 through Sept. 14 and consisted of a variety of...Read More »

Warhol Museum to open two new exhibits this month

By: Megan Tomasic | The Duquesne Duke

Later this month, The Andy Warhol Museum will open two new exhibits that feature Warhol’s early works and pieces that display historic artwork of the modern era.

The exhibits, titled 13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair and Chuck Connelly: My...Read More »

Wiping off the dust at Attic Records

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor

The vehicle of music media has the tendency to change with the times. As it progresses, immediacy and portability elevate in factors of importance, while quality of the product has arguably diminished.

Just in the past 25 years, consumers have witnessed the evolution of placing a...Read More »

Dukes show appreciation with new Veterans Lounge

By: Katie Auwaerter | Features Editor

Those who have served our country are receiving some well-deserved recognition on Duquesne’s campus with a new Veterans Lounge, located in Liebermann Hall room 702.

Don Accamando is the military programs director in the School of Leadership and Professional Advancement, which gives non-traditional students the opportunity...Read More »

The balloon shot heard round the world

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

Soggy shenanigans were plentiful this past weekend at the third annual Great American Water Balloon Fight. Benefitting Team Tassy, an organization working to end poverty in Haiti, the fight transformed Schenley Plaza into a battlefield of aqueous missiles where no one was safe from...Read More »

Women learn how to defend themselves in the Power Center

Claire Murray | Photo Editor

Jill Power | The Duquesne Duke

It’s the beginning of a new fall semester, and you know what that means; new books, new friends, and weekend nights out. Indeed, it seems that many college students find going out a rite of...Read More »

Food, music, dance emerse attendees in Irish culture

Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

St. Patrick’s Day might be seven months away, but this weekend the Steel City is still getting a nice dose of Celtic flavor in the form of Pittsburgh’s 24th annual Irish Festival. Spanning a full three days, Sept. 5-7, the celebration of all things Irish...Read More »

Dancing behind the scenes: Get to know the Duquesne Tamburitzans

By: Claire Murray | Photo Editor

(Claire Murray / Photo Editor) – The Tamburitzans rehearsed for several hours before performing at Hartwood Acres.

Balancing a full college schedule and traveling the country with a nationally renowned Eastern European performance group is no simple feat.

Under the direction...Read More »

Outside the Classroom: Dr. Robert Laux

By: Katie Auwaerter | Features Editor

(Courtesy of Robert Laux) -Dr. Robert Laux as a civil war reenactor at the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

They drone on as we count down the seconds until class is complete. They hold our futures in their...Read More »

Using improvisational theater outside the classroom

By: Katie Auwaerter | Features Editor

(Katie Auwaerter / Features Editor) – Speakers Hannah du Plessis and Brenda Harger sit down to answer questions at the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival.

The inaugural Pittsburgh Comedy Festival occurred Aug. 21-23, bringing together the art of stand-up and improv for...Read More »

Welcome to the Steel City

By: Katie Auwaerter  |  Features Editor

If you haven’t been properly welcomed yet, on behalf of The Duquesne Duke, welcome to Pittsburgh! This former industrial hub that you now call home has a lot to offer, with the title Most Exciting Place in Pennsylvania by real estate blog Movoto. But with...Read More »

Getting around Town: How to navigate the 'Burgh

By: Katie Auwaerter  |  Features Editor

In order to explore all the wonders of Pittsburgh, you’re going to need transportation to get there. Unless you are one of the lucky few to have a car on campus, this may be your first time using public transportation. While this can seem scary,...Read More »

Featuring the city: What’s cool in the ‘Burgh

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

(Top Left) Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke: A fennel shitake and asparagus stew from Eden in Shadyside. (Top Middle) Zach Brendza / The Duquesne Duke: Munaf Rayani of Explosions In The Sky at Stage AE on April 8,...Read More »

Summer Festival Preview

By: Katie Auwaerter | Assistant Features Editor

Everyone loves Pittsburgh. This city is no longer known just for steel, and it’s gaining the attention of businesses and organizations on a national level. Whether being declared ‘Most Livable City’ by Forbes or the ‘Next Hipster Haven’ by Business Insider, people are taking...Read More »

A Tale of Two Conventions: Vintage Pittsburgh and Steel City Con

From the Past: Vintage Pittsburgh

By: George Flynn | Opinions Editor

(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke) – Lindsay Kress, a Pittsburgh vintage clothing collector, decides to sell her wares for the first time.

Why buy new clothing and items from corporations when you can...Read More »

Connecting the Dots to Cannes Film Festival

By: Sam Fatula | Assistant A&E Editor

Through recent years, Pittsburgh has become a serious hub for film production.

People have witnessed the production of blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises and Jack Reacher, marveling at the display of heroic prominence combined with the scenery of the Steel City.

But who would have...Read More »

Carnegie Mellon celebrates 100 years of Carnival

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

(Fred Blauth / The Duquesne Duke)- Icona Pop was the opening act for the Activities Board Spring Carnival Concert, which was held Friday evening. Headlining the show was local rapper Mac Miller, who debuted three new songs at...Read More »

Burgh's best wings is The Library

(Claire Murray / Asst. Photo Editor)- The Library is the Duke's choice for overall best wings. Pictured are the Buffalo Ranch and Garlic Parmesan wings.

By: Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor

(Claire Murray / Asst. Photo Editor)- The Library is the Duke’s choice for overall best wings. Pictured are the Buffalo Ranch and Garlic Parmesan wings.

The search for the Burgh’s best chicken wings has come to an end. We have scoured...Read More »

DU alums get AMPD with family success

By: Sam Fatula | Assistant A&E Editor

(Claire Murray / Asst. Photo Editor)- Adam, right, and Mike, left, DeSimone stand inside Delanie’s Coffee Shop on E. Carson St. It is one of the many businesses they have started as a part of the family company,...Read More »

Beyond the surface: The deeper story of tattoos and body modification

By: Katie Auwaerter | Assistant Features Editor

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

We teach our children that, but often times don’t practice what we preach. We reengineer our exteriors through hair dye, clothing and makeup to mirror our personalities, thereby merging the contents of the book with the front cover....Read More »

The mystery behind the buildings on Chatham Square

(Aaron Warnick / Photo Editor) – The Murphy and Wilms bulidings, located on Chatham Sq., house the Center for Teaching Excellence, the Office of Service Learning and the office for the Villanova Law Firm.

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | The Duquesne Duke

The Murphy and Wilms buildings aren’t...Read More »

A Model for Asylum exhibit brings discussion to Duquesne Community

(Katie Auwaerter / The Duquesne Duke)- A Model for Asylum is on display in The Les Idees Gallery in the Union.

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

Hidden in plain view on the third floor of the Union, the Les Idees Gallery has a new exhibit...Read More »

Sleep is NOT for the weak: Why staying up late is bad for the brain and body

Graphic by Fred Blauth

By: Katie Auwaerter | Asst. Features Editor

While making friends and experiencing life lessons is a large part of the experience, students don’t go to college to get our beauty sleep.

We are here to earn a degree. We are here to learn...Read More »

“Chicken from hell” named: Anzu wyliei it is, after decade of namelessness

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

(Courtesy of Carnegie Museum Of Natural History) – Anzu wyliei was named last Wednesday with the publishing of an article in scientific journal PLOS ONE.

Standing at 7 feet tall, weighing 500 pounds, a bird-like, nameless creature has been on...Read More »

Pittsburgh will receive support in bike lane project

(Adam Kelly / The Duquesne Duke) – Pittsburgh will receive help in constructing separated bike lanes by PeopleForBikes through the The Green Lane Project.

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | For The Duquesne Duke

Pittsburgh has recently been chosen as one of six cities to be part of The...Read More »

Winging it: The Library in the South Side

By: Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor

(Claire Murray / Asst. Photo Editor) – Buffalo ranch and garlic parmesan wings from The Library

One place I never thought my hunt for Pittsburgh’s best wings would take me is a library. But fortunately, when I walked into The Library...Read More »

Snow no more: Spring Fashion 2014 is here

By: George Flynn and Carrie Garrison | The Duquesne Duke

It’s the first day of spring. Since it’s time to start your spring cleaning, start with your closet. It’s well past time to throw out your mint colored tops, pastel pants and chop off that ombré dyed hair.

Brighter Colors and a...Read More »

Girls Rock! PGH: Teaching girls life lessons through rock ’n’ roll

By: Katie Auwaerter | Asst. Features Editor

Music is a powerful tool. It influences society’s opinions and beliefs and can be used to change the world.

Those at Girls Rock! Pittsburgh are using the power of rock n’ roll to empower young women and teach them important life lessons. A program that...Read More »

Pittsburgh’s piano prodigy: Brett Williams is playing the keys to success

By: Zach Brendza | Features Editor

(Claire Murray / Ass.t Photo Editor) – Brett Williams (above) plays at his senior recital Sunday in room 322 of the Mary Pappert School of Music.

Growing up as a pastor’s son playing in a Wilkinsburg church, Duquesne senior Brett...Read More »

Spring Break Away: Escapades throughout Espana and Bonjour, France

By: Taylor Stessney  |  The Duquesne Duke

Taylor Stessney (The Duquesne Duke) – An Instagram photo taken of Santa Maria de Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain.

I was watching from the highest row of the stadium in my first FC Barcelona game. Next thing I know, I’m...Read More »

Pi Day Friday: Pittsburgh celebrates math through pi

By: Katie Auwaerter  |  Asst. Features Editor

Courtesy of Duquesne American Chemical Society – Chemistry and Biochemistry professors Jeffry Madura, Jeffery Evanseck and Ralph Wheeler getting pied at last year’s Pi Day.

Mathletes and science nerds rejoice; your day of celebration is almost here.

Pi Day is...Read More »

Winging It: William Penn Tavern in Shadyside

By: Saúl Berríos-Thomas  |  Layout Editor

Claire Murray (Asst. Photo Editor) – Hot, garlic butter with Parmesan and Kitchen Sink wings at William Penn Tavern in Shadyside.

William Penn Tavern is a small bar and restaurant, nestled in the heart of Shadyside. It sits a half block...Read More »

It's a brawl: Boxers to square off on St. Patrick's Day

By: Zach Brendza  |  Features Editor

Aaron Warnick (Photo Editor) – Jarrell Brackett, 25, of Verona (left) spars Gerald Sherrell, 22, of Homewood (right) at the Conn-Grebb Boxing Club Monday. Both boxers will compete in the Pittsburgh Donnybrook on March 17.

With March 17 comes many...Read More »

Congregation kicks off Market Square Public Art program

Claire Murray / Asst. Photo Editor – Congregation opened Friday in Market Square and will be on display until March 16.

By:  Katie Auwaerter  |  Asst. Features Editor

When the snow rolls in and the weather drops below 20 degrees, it’s easy to forget about all...Read More »

Arcade Comedy Theater: Celebrating a year of comedy

By:  Julian Routh |  News Editor

Courtesy of Arcade Comedy Theater: Arcade Comedy Theater celebrates its one year anniversary Feb. 15 with an improv show.

On a Thursday night five years ago, five improv comedians wished they had more opportunities.

As they gathered for drinks after a...Read More »

Learning with Mike Lerner: Pro photographer goes one-on-one with The Duke

By: Aaron Warnick | Photo Editor

Miranda Costa / DSTV – Mike Lerner teaches a photography workshop in College Hall 552.

Mike Lerner is a professional photographer from Brooklyn, NY. Currently residing in Philadelphia, Lerner is home from two-and-half years working as the official tour photographer...Read More »

Need a Lyft? The Duke rides with the mustached cab

By: Seth Culp-Ressler | For The Duquesne Duke

Lyft, a popular ridesharing app, recently joined the ranks of Pittsburgh transportation options, but does it live up to the hype? On Saturday afternoon, I decided to test Lyft for myself, grabbing my roommate for a trip down to the Waterfront.

The entire Lyft service...Read More »

Crashing, smashing and fashion: Photos from the weekend past, Feb. 14 - 16