Five Things to look for in a dress shoe


Nathan Freshwater | contributor

1. Find your style:
The most important factor in buying any dress shoes is to make sure it fits you. Some people feel at home in slip-on loafers, while others don’t want to wear anything but formal oxfords. Don’t let anyone define what style looks good on you, except for you.

2. Goodyear welt:
The goodyear welt is a type of shoe stitching that makes it sturdier as well as more water resistant. It can be hard to spot a goodyear welt without any past experience. But a shoe store worth their salt can help you find the shoe you’re looking for.

3. Comfortability:
Make sure the shoe fits your foot so that your heel does not rub the back of the shoe when walking, and there is not more than an inch of room between the end of your toes and the front of the shoe. If your dress shoes cause you to have blisters, you have the wrong shoes.

4. Leather:
The quality of the leather is of utmost importance when investing in a good pair of shoes. If your funds allow, look for dress shoes that have full grain leather. If a shoe says genuine leather, that means it’s of the lowest grade.

5. Shape:
There are many shapes of dress shoes. Some have a more rounded toe, while others come to almost a point. What’s important to remember, never wear a square-toed dress shoe, ever.