Netflix’s Daybreak, though not perfect, is action-packed fun

Netflix’s <em>Daybreak</em>, though not perfect, is action-packed fun

Hannah Boucher 11/07/19 Children turning savage in the absence of adults: William Golding first introduced the concept 65 years ago with his critically-acclaimed novel Lord of the Flies. Netflix re-introduces the idea with its new action-comedy original series, Daybreak. After an atomic bomb goes off, wiping out the entire adult population, the kids must learn […]

Action film Triple Frontier fails to justify runtime

Action film <em>Triple Frontier</em> fails to justify runtime

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 03/21/19 Imagine a little over two hours of action-packed, beautifully shot yet dialogue heavy boredom. If that feels like a contradiction, it is. It’s an oxymoron titled, Triple Frontier. Netflix’s newest movie, directed by J. C. Chandor, was released March 13. It is star-studded and has peaks of action, but […]

A Star is Born impresses with original songs, emotional turns

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 10/12/18 Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper hit the big screen together this past weekend with their film A Star Is Born. The movie first hit theaters in 1937 as an American Technicolor romantic drama film. The movie reboot earned a 91 percent on “Rotten Tomatoes,” and it was well deserved. […]

Monster Hunter: World sharpens gameplay

<em>Monster Hunter: World</em>  sharpens gameplay

By Grant Stoner | Staff Writer 02/01/2018 As a franchise, Monster Hunter is notoriously difficult. Without a decent understanding of the incredible battle subtleties, each fight can devolve into a chaotic slugfest between your hunter and the beast. Thankfully, Monster Hunter: World is one of the most immersive games in the series, one which continues […]