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DSR is Duquesne University’s student run radio station.

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Duquesne Student Radio

DSR is Duquesne University’s student run radio station. DSR is open to all Duquesne Students looking to gain valuable experience in media whether in front of a microphone or behind the scenes.

As a free-form radio station, DSR is open to all interests. On-air DJs mix all types of music with talk about sports, news, politics and culture to create a sound reflective of the student body.

Our mission…

is to provide quality programming that is entertaining and informative, while reflcting the lifestyle of Duquesne University students.

We serve students by providing a platform to express themselves.

A Little History

Student radio has a long history at Duquesne University, starting in the 1940’s with WDUQ, an experimental radio lab that evolved into the student station. After WDUQ shifted into a professional community radio station, DSR filled the void to bring voice to students.

Over the years, DSR broadcasted from the Assumption Hall dormitory on 97.7 FM. The signal was only available on campus.

Now, the station broadcasts as an internet only radio station out of College Hall.

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