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A look into Academy Award best picture nominees

A look into Academy Award best picture nominees

Salena Moran & Evan Penrod | Staff Writers 02/21/19 Oscar season will once again highlight various aspects of the movie industry for its cinematic excellence at the 91st annual Academy Awards. The ceremony, set to air without a host following Kevin Hart’s controversial tweets, rewards hardworking production staff/actors in several categories including best costume design, […]

Miss Bala remake well-done and action-packed

<em>Miss Bala</em> remake well-done and action-packed

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 02/21/19 Action-thriller Miss Bala premiered this month, up against many other highly-anticipated films. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Miss Bala is a remake of the 2011 Mexican film of the same name. The film follows a Latin-American woman named Gloria Fuentes (Gina Rodriguez) as she visits […]

The Umbrella Academy a fresh take on hero genre

<em>The Umbrella Academy</em> a fresh take on hero genre

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 02/21/19 Gothic and superhero aesthetics are usually on either side of a spectrum, but in the middle is Netflix’s newest show, The Umbrella Academy. Based on the comic book series written by former My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, this show brings something new […]

Masquers nail cerebral conflict of Six Characters in Search of an Author

Masquers nail cerebral conflict of <em>Six Characters in Search of an Author</em>

Josiah Martin | A&E Editor 02/14/19 It’s fairly safe to say that tackling metafiction — stories about stories — is a risky move. It’s easy for an author to disillusion an audience by getting into the philosophy of their craft. However, when a deep dive into this philosophy is played for laughs, as is the […]

Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s The Great Gatsby impresses

Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s <em>The Great Gatsby</em> impresses

Griffin Sendek | Features Editor 02/14/19 My theater-going experience began at a young age; I have been to countless plays and musicals, from comedies to dramas, classical Shakespeare to modern experimental projects, but never have I gone to a ballet. I finally got my chance last Saturday at the premiere of Pittsburgh Ballet Theater’s production […]

Ariana Grande’s thank u, next shines with standout tracks

Ariana Grande’s <em>thank u, next</em> shines with standout tracks

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 02/14/19 Sweetener was released Aug. 17, 2018, and less than six months later, Ariana Grande released thank u, next. This album is easily one of the best that Grande has written. The anticipation for the full project’s release began when her singles “thank u, next” dropped in November, and “7 […]

Hyped-up halftime show disappoints

Hyped-up halftime show disappoints

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 02/07/19 While the New England Patriots had their sweet victory, the SpongeBob SquarePants fans in the stadium did not. The Super Bowl 2019 halftime show brought disappointment to fans, as it was not the show-stopping performance anticipated. With Maroon 5 headlining, along with Travis Scott and Big Boi as supporting […]

Despite tonal problems, Netflix’s art thriller Velvet Buzzsaw still a gory romp about art’s elite

Despite tonal problems, Netflix’s art thriller <em>Velvet Buzzsaw</em> still a gory romp about art’s elite

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 02/07/19 Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw is an exciting and enjoyable art piece that takes a critical look at the professional art scene of Los Angeles. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays art critic Morf, Rene Russo as gallery owner Rhodora Haze and Zawe Ashton, playing Rhodora’s business partner Josephina as the leads […]

Cold War a chilling, unconventional, Oscar-worthy film

<em>Cold War</em> a chilling, unconventional, Oscar-worthy film

Griffin Sendek | Features Editor 02/07/19 I did not hear about Cold War from trailers or online Oscar discussion. Rather, I first discovered the film on the T back to campus. Wedged between the seat in front of me and the wall was an issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. As I unfolded the wrinkled-up paper […]

New Kingdom Hearts may pale to predecessors, but that’s OK

New <em>Kingdom Hearts</em> may pale to predecessors, but that’s OK

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 02/07/19 Kingdom Hearts III’s arrival was a disappointment for many, but is that due to the aging of the game or the fanbase itself? On one side of the argument are those who eagerly anticipated the release of this installment in the platinum-selling saga despite years of delays. Given that […]

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