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An inside look at Red Masquers’ production of Equus

An inside look at Red Masquers’ production of <em>Equus</em>

Griffin Sendek | Staff Writer 04/19/2018 Disclaimer: This writer is also involved in this production. More than a year ago, John E. Lane Jr., the director of the Theater Arts program at Duquesne University, approached Justin Sines and said, “I would like to play Dysart in Equus, and I would like you to direct.” Sines […]

The Walking Dead ends eighth season with epic crossover

<em>The Walking Dead</em> ends eighth season with epic crossover

Nicole Prieto | Staff Writer 04/19/2018 The much-anticipated Season 8 finale of The Walking Dead not only sees an end to the war between Rick and Negan, but also the start of a new chapter in Fear the Walking Dead as Morgan makes his move into the latter show. Last episode in TWD, Dwight’s status […]

Red Masquers saddle up for Equus

Red Masquers saddle up for <em>Equus</em>

Carolyn Palombo | Staff Writer 04/19/2018 Disclaimer: A member of The Duke staff is involved in this production. From April 12-29, the Duquesne Red Masquers are performing the production Equus every Thursday through Sunday. The show is a telling feature about a mentally ill young man, Alan Strang (Evan W. Saunders), working with his psychiatrist, […]

Rapture showcases rappers’ backstories, inspirations

<em>Rapture</em> showcases rappers’ backstories, inspirations

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 04/19/2018 Hip-hop has evolved significantly in its short lifetime, from the classic cyphers to the East Coast-West Coast war that dominated the ’90s to the global phenomenon that it is today. As can be expected from anything that garnered so much influence in such a short time, various pockets of […]

The 4th Company brings Mexican voices to U.S. audience

<em>The 4th Company</em> brings Mexican voices to U.S. audience

By Neil Runge | Staff Writer 04/12/2018 Initially a Mexican release in 2016, The 4th Company (La 4a Compañía), is seeing a new life on Netflix. Directed and written by Amil Galván Cervera and Mitzi Vanessa, this movie tells a story that can now be seen by an audience that otherwise might not have experienced […]

Krasinski’s writing terrifies in A Quiet Place

Krasinski’s writing terrifies in <em>A Quiet Place</em>

By Salena Moran & Evan Penrod | Staff Writers 04/12/2018 In an endeavor way outside the realm of his The Office character Jim Halpert, John Krasinski proves both his acting and directing talent, along with the prowess of his wife Emily Blunt, in his original thriller, A Quiet Place. In the not-too-distant future, husband Lee […]

Thai funk, jazz-inspired surf fill Rex Theatre

Thai funk, jazz-inspired surf fill Rex Theatre

By Joey Mueser | Staff Writer 04/12/2018 The Rex Theatre on East Carson Street holds a pretty decent crowd, but a sold out show last Friday with a great lineup packed it to the brim. By the end of the night, the atmosphere was just like a hot yoga studio: sweaty and full of positive […]

Plot, message flawed in Ready Player One

Plot, message flawed in <em>Ready Player One</em>

By Zach Landau | Editor-in-Chief 04/12/2018 I was really ready to get angry about Ready Player One. The novel that serves as the source material for this movie embodies everything I despise about nerd culture: incessant gatekeeping, mindless referencing, shallow theorizing and so much more. Not only that, but excerpts that made their way to […]

Mischievous air returns in Unfortunate Events Season Two

Mischievous air returns in <em>Unfortunate Events</em> Season Two

By Nicole Prieto | Staff Writer 04/05/2018 Fans rejoice: The entire second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE) premiered on March 30 on Netflix. We last saw the Baudelaires (Malina Weissman, Louis Hynes and Presley Smith) left in the questionable care of Prufrock Preparatory School, pondering about the mysterious spyglass now in their […]

Cattivo bar proves perfect for lo-fi genre bands

Cattivo bar proves perfect for lo-fi genre bands

By Joey Mueser | Staff Writer 04/05/2018 Three bands gathered for an early show at Cattivo in Lawrenceville. The bar had an open space in the basement which proved to be a pleasant surprise, and the groups that played were equally as great as the venue which hosted them. To kick off the music, the […]

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