Hate speech and free speech not the same

Hate speech and free speech not the same

02/21/2019 By Duke Staff The Democrat-Reporter, a newspaper in the western Alabama town of Linden, expanded its small readership this week with an editorial that forced its way into the mainstream news cycle by beginning with the sentence, “Time for the Ku Klux Klan to ride again.” The op-ed called for the return of the […]

College Football Playoff System an overwhelming success

Pat Higgins | Sports Editor In the first season of college football sans the BCS, things are the way they should have been for half a decade with the institution of a four-team playoff system. Last week the panel of experts released its first ever Playoff Rankings. Atop the rankings are undefeated Mississippi State and […]

BCS Final: A ride to remember

Pat Higgins | Asst. Sports Editor Until Jameis Winston knocked off Auburn in the second most ridiculous ending on the college football calendar in 2013, the Southeastern Conference won seven consecutive national championships. In Auburn’s bid for the conference’s eighth straight crystal ball, Winston, the sport’s most controversial figure through the final weeks of 2013, […]