Lumineers’ lyricism shines on newest album, III

Lumineers’ lyricism shines on newest album, <em>III</em>

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 09/19/19 From dancing to “Ho Hey” at my eighth-grade formal to singing along to “Cleopatra” at my high school coffeehouses, I have always been a fan of The Lumineers’ hit songs, as they bring back joyful memories of growing up. I had high expectations for the Sept. 13 release of […]

Weezer’s ‘Black Album’ another disappointing entry

Weezer’s <em>‘Black Album’</em> another disappointing entry

Salena Moran & Evan Penrod | Staff Writers 03/21/19 Weezer proves they will “do the things they wanna do” even if that means releasing their bland and forgettable 13th studio release, Black Album. Following the Teal Album (2019) and the White Album (2016), the anticipated Black Album was quoted by Rivers Cuomo, Weezer’s frontman, as […]

Ariana Grande’s thank u, next shines with standout tracks

Ariana Grande’s <em>thank u, next</em> shines with standout tracks

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 02/14/19 Sweetener was released Aug. 17, 2018, and less than six months later, Ariana Grande released thank u, next. This album is easily one of the best that Grande has written. The anticipation for the full project’s release began when her singles “thank u, next” dropped in November, and “7 […]

Maggie Rogers’ new album meets expectations

Maggie Rogers’ new album meets expectations

Josiah Martin | Arts & Entertainment Editor 01/24/19 Maggie Rogers’ rise to mainstream fame has been swift and well-deserved. A well-known indie pop artist with a reputation for heartfelt dreamy-but-danceable tracks, her transition to major-label success seemed inevitable from the start. Heard it in a Past Life feels like just that — a transition. While […]

DROGAS WAVE tackles complex subject

<em>DROGAS WAVE</em> tackles complex subject

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 09/27/18 Lupe Fiasco’s newest album, DROGAS WAVE, is a meditation on the need for pan-Africanism, or as Encylopedia Britanicca defines it, “the idea that peoples of African descent have common interests and should be unified.” This album is a crash course on the ideology of uniting Africans in their sameness […]

Lemon Twigs’ attempted rock opera lacks flow

Lemon Twigs’ attempted rock opera lacks flow

Josiah Martin | A&E Editor 08/30/18 Sophomore albums say a lot about a band, and where they’re moving next musically. It is odd that the Lemon Twigs’ second album should be a concept album, a musical about a young chimp deciding that he wants to attend school. The D’Addario brothers, Brian and Michael, are known […]

Gorillaz live in the “Now, Now”

Gorillaz live in the “Now, Now”

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 07/11/18 The Now, Now is the latest album by Damon Albarn’s musical side-project The Gorillaz, and for many fans, they’ll be wishing it was the “past, past.” To be clear, the album in and of itself isn’t bad. The music doesn’t stand out when compared to the work the project […]

Mike Shinoda’s latest album tackles tough subject, but doesn’t stand out

Mike Shinoda’s latest album tackles tough subject, but doesn’t stand out

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 06/24/18 On July 20, 2017, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington took his life. Nearly a year later, the same conversations many Linkin Park fans already had re-entered the mainstream, with the deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade rocking the foodie and fashion worlds. While it is impossible to know […]

Logic’s Bobby Tarantino II portrays authenticity

Logic’s <em>Bobby Tarantino II</em> portrays authenticity

By Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 03/15/2018 Logic’s new mixtape Bobby Tarantino II, debuted March 9, and it’s likely not for fans of Logic’s previous work on Everybody. The music opens up with an introduction starring pop-culture icons and cartoon characters Rick and Morty. In this opening, the two debate whether to listen to “mixtape” […]

I Like Fun emphasizes robust lyrical prowess

<em>I Like Fun</em> emphasizes robust lyrical prowess

By Josiah Martin | Staff Writer 02/01/2018 When a band has remained active for 35 years, it is almost unavoidable that their latter efforts would seem phoned in. Bands traditionally lose their edge over time. I Like Fun thankfully proves that this is not the case for They Might Be Giants. I Like Fun is […]

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