It Chapter Two continues the Loser Club’s horrifying tale

<em>It Chapter Two</em> continues the Loser Club’s horrifying tale

Madison Pastrick | Layout Editor & Ad Manager 09/12/19 Stephen King’s literary masterpiece has made it to the big screen once again, as everybody’s least favorite clown, Pennywise, returns to wreak havoc on the poor children of Derry, Maine in It Chapter Two. Picking up 27 years after It (2017), this movie concludes the story […]

Endgame wraps up a generation’s favorite films

<em>Endgame</em> wraps up a generation’s favorite films

Griffin Sendek & Josiah Martin | The Duquesne Duke 05/02/19 It is near-impossible to think of a film series as expansive and long-lasting as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Nobody could have predicted 11 years ago that the franchise would grow to include 23 films, or that its flagship Avengers arc would conclude with the […]

Shazam! balances action with humor, thanks to cast

<em>Shazam!</em> balances action with humor, thanks to cast

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 04/24/19 After its opening weekend, Shazam! earned its rightful place at the top of the box office with $53.3 million. With 168 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes labeled this movie Certified Fresh. The movie was written by Henry Gayden and directed by David F. Sandberg with a cast that brought humor to […]

Peele’s second thriller Us exceeds high expectations

Peele’s second thriller <em>Us</em> exceeds high expectations

Salena Moran & Evan Penrod | Staff Writers 03/27/19 Following the success of his thriller Get Out (2017), director Jordan Peele’s sophomore film Us (2019) debuts an original horror story combining the best of slasher movies with a deeper psychological twist. Us begins with the backstory of Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her traumatizing experience […]

Action film Triple Frontier fails to justify runtime

Action film <em>Triple Frontier</em> fails to justify runtime

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 03/21/19 Imagine a little over two hours of action-packed, beautifully shot yet dialogue heavy boredom. If that feels like a contradiction, it is. It’s an oxymoron titled, Triple Frontier. Netflix’s newest movie, directed by J. C. Chandor, was released March 13. It is star-studded and has peaks of action, but […]

Brie Larson shines in Captain Marvel

Brie Larson shines in <em>Captain Marvel</em>

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 03/14/19 After the grim ending to Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, an origin story full of action, humor and happier endings hit the big screen this past weekend. Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Ben Mendelsohn, Djimon Hounsou, Lee Pace and Lashana Lynch starred in Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel earned […]

Miss Bala remake well-done and action-packed

<em>Miss Bala</em> remake well-done and action-packed

Natalie Schroeder | Staff Writer 02/21/19 Action-thriller Miss Bala premiered this month, up against many other highly-anticipated films. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and written by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, Miss Bala is a remake of the 2011 Mexican film of the same name. The film follows a Latin-American woman named Gloria Fuentes (Gina Rodriguez) as she visits […]

Cold War a chilling, unconventional, Oscar-worthy film

<em>Cold War</em> a chilling, unconventional, Oscar-worthy film

Griffin Sendek | Features Editor 02/07/19 I did not hear about Cold War from trailers or online Oscar discussion. Rather, I first discovered the film on the T back to campus. Wedged between the seat in front of me and the wall was an issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. As I unfolded the wrinkled-up paper […]

Mikkelsen shines in otherwise-lackluster Polar adaptation

Mikkelsen shines in otherwise-lackluster <em>Polar</em> adaptation

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 01/31/19 There are very few things more disappointing than a movie that seemed like it was going to be celebrity-filled and action-packed but turned out to be a confusing, gory mess. Netflix’s Polar is an example of that. Based on a webcomic-turned-graphic novel of the same name, this film stars […]

On the Basis of Sex: a fitting tribute to the Notorious RBG

<em>On the Basis of Sex:</em> a fitting tribute to the Notorious RBG

Kailey Love | Editor-In-Chief 01/17/19 After a year filled with more viral love for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg than ever before, the “Great Dissenter” made her way to the silver screen (for the second time, following the 2018 documentary RBG) in the biopic film On the Basis of Sex, wide released on Jan. […]