A.P. Bio changes key themes for season premiere

<em>A.P. Bio</em> changes key themes for season premiere

Josiah Martin | A&E Editor 03/14/19 Ending a season by wrapping up your central story arc is a risky move. NBC’s A.P. Bio did exactly that with its finale in May, and it’s not yet clear whether the second season will survive without it. “Happiness,” the first episode of A.P. Bio’s new season, features protagonist […]

Pursue your happiness, Pittsburgh

Pursue your happiness, Pittsburgh

By Duke Staff 11/09/17 In a world ravaged by recent terrors, Pennsylvania is reminding its citizens and visitors to pursue happiness. Pennsylvania officials announced in March 2016 that the state’s official slogan would be changed from “State of Independence” to “Pennsylvania. Pursue your happiness.” This week, 18 months after the original announcement, welcome signs displaying […]