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Choo Jackson’s Anime 2 can’t win rap fans in the streaming age

Choo Jackson’s <em>Anime 2</em> can’t win rap fans in the streaming age

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 04/04/19 The new album Anime 2, by Choo Jackson, formerly of Mac Miller’s Most Dope Family, fails to adapt to the times. Anime 2 hit number 158 on the iTunes charts in its first week but has not made the charts on any other music site. While this does not […]

Alumni archives: Don’t “Forget Brennan”

Alumni archives: Don’t “Forget Brennan”

By: Sam Fatula | A&E Editor It didn’t take long for Brennan Peirson to find himself in the company of artists like Mac Miller and Young Thug.   Not even two years since graduating from Duquesne’s music therapy program, Peirson has directed music videos for up-and-coming hip-hop acts, photographed every major festival and concert this […]