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BoJack Horseman debuts sincerest season yet

<em>BoJack Horseman</em> debuts sincerest season yet

Adam Lindner | Sports Editor 09/20/2018 Among those unfamiliar with the Netflix comedy BoJack Horseman, the show is seemingly known more for its depressing and existentially-nihilistic side than it is for its humor. After all, no animated series in recent memory has successfully managed to portray such weighty themes so poignantly. Nevertheless, the show assuredly […]

Season 4 of ‘BoJack’ is television excellence

Season 4 of ‘BoJack’ is television excellence

By Zach Landau | A&E Editor Coming off the heels of a shocking and emotionally-devastating season finale, BoJack Horseman repositions itself as the premiere animated comedy about a horse who is, to borrow from the show’s lexicon, too much, man. The emotional and comedic depth offered in its last three seasons provided the perfect fodder […]