Parental influence matters

Parental influence matters

By Carley Thieret | Student Columnist When I was in elementary school, my dad and I always used to do math homework at the dining room table. I was equipped with finely sharpened Black Warrior pencils and plenty of scratch paper. By the end of the night the scratch paper was always marked up, because […]

Don’t ignore mom and dad

By Jillian Power | Student Columnist A new school year is upon us at long last. Although the summer left many of you with wonderful memories, the promise of a new school year for wreaking havoc across Pittsburgh is an attractive thought indeed. While students revel in their freedom, their parents are left out of […]

Education in the hands of parents

By Saúl Berríos-Thomas | Layout Editor Every parent wants to believe that when they send little Timmy off to school he will learn everything he needs to know before he is whisked away on a magical train to Hogwarts. The fact is however, that not all schools are created equal. I went to inner city public […]