Crew of Point Park’s Pippin discusses canceled production

Crew of Point Park’s <em>Pippin</em> discusses canceled production

Colleen Hammond | Opinions Editor 03/19/20 The PNC theater at Point Park University buzzed with excitement as the cast of Stephen Schwartz’s Pippin slipped into costume for their opening night preview on the evening of Thursday, March 12. In a flurry of hairspray, sequins and hand sanitizer, the actors and crew prepped for the beginning […]

The C-Word tackles difficult subject with fantastic cast

<em>The C-Word</em> tackles difficult subject with fantastic cast

Josiah Martin | Arts and Entertainment Editor 01/30/20 The Red Masquers have once again proven the stunning dramatic talent here at Duquesne with The C-Word. In this show, writer Olivia LeSuer, a Duquesne Student, has created three characters who want so badly to connect with each other but are in denial about their own inability […]

An Elephant in the Garden is an impressive one-woman show

<em>An Elephant in the Garden</em> is an impressive one-woman show

Colleen Hammond | Opinions Editor 1/23/20 On the quaint stage of the Byham Theater, a remarkable story of familial bonds and personal growth amid disaster took center stage as An Elephant in the Garden made its Pittsburgh debut. This one-woman show tells the story of a young German girl named Elizabeth and her family as […]

2.5 Minute Ride a moving, funny monologue

<em>2.5 Minute Ride</em> a moving, funny monologue

Ollie Gratzinger | Editor-in-Chief 10/31/19 The production of 2.5 Minute Ride, written by Lisa Kron of Fun Home acclaim, has all of the things I enjoy in a play: queer themes, a Jewish narrative and a startling depth punctuated by brilliant acting. Theatre professor Nancy Bach plays Kron in the one-woman show, taking the audience […]

Pittsburgh Opera masterfully tackles classic

Hannah Boucher | Staff Writer 10/17/19 Murder, seduction and insanely high notes — Mozart’s Don Giovanni tells the story of a womanizing man whose sins finally begin to catch up to him. A “film noir” take on this classic piece, the Pittsburgh Opera starts off its 2019-2020 season right. With this fresh interpretation on such […]

Expertly produced Next to Normal lets strong writing shine

Expertly produced <em>Next to Normal</em> lets strong writing shine

Hannah Boucher | Staff Writer 10/10/19 In a quaint little theater, in the basement of the University of Pittsburgh’s Cathedral of Learning, you’ll feel like you’re in an actual home, seeing into the lives of the Goodman family. You’ll soon be exposed to drugs, schizophrenic delusions, therapy and classical piano — everything you need for […]

Cambodian Rock Band explores an untold story in a fresh way

<em>Cambodian Rock Band</em> explores an untold story in a fresh way

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 09/26/19 Cambodian Rock Band rocked the City Theatre Company’s stage in Pittsburgh’s Southside. I saw this play on Sunday, Sept. 15 as part of my Social Justice in Educational Settings class in the School of Education. Directed by Marti Lyons, the performance was as electrifying as its title, as it […]

Masquers nail cerebral conflict of Six Characters in Search of an Author

Masquers nail cerebral conflict of <em>Six Characters in Search of an Author</em>

Josiah Martin | A&E Editor 02/14/19 It’s fairly safe to say that tackling metafiction — stories about stories — is a risky move. It’s easy for an author to disillusion an audience by getting into the philosophy of their craft. However, when a deep dive into this philosophy is played for laughs, as is the […]

Masquers take on Chekhov’s The Seagull

Masquers take on Chekhov’s <em>The Seagull</em>

Claire Neiberg | Staff Writer 12/11/18 The Duquesne University Red Masquers began wrapping up the fall semester with the last full-length show, The Seagull. The Seagull is a Russian play written by dramatist Anton Chekhov in 1885. It focuses on the struggle of producing art and focuses on several very different artists in the community. […]

Red Masquer recalls mayhem of 24-Hour Play Festival

Red Masquer recalls mayhem of 24-Hour Play Festival

Griffin Sendek | Staff Writer 09/13/18 The 24-Hour Play Festival returns to Duquesne University, kicking off the Red Masquers’ 106th annual season. As one of the actors, I experienced this tumultuous whirlwind of a day firsthand, and I will be going through my perspective of the festival. The festival is a tradition that began on […]