She-Ra reboot returns with iffy second season

<em>She-Ra</em> reboot returns with iffy second season

Timothy Rush | Staff Writer 05/02/19 Second seasons can be hits or misses. It is hard to capture the same magic that made the first season great or continue the same story arcs efficiently. In turn, a new season grants a new opportunity to right the wrongs of the previous one. Overall, season 2 of […]

Netflix reboots ‘80s classic She-Ra with more diverse cast

Netflix reboots ‘80s classic <em>She-Ra</em> with more diverse cast

11/29/18 Timothy Rush | Staff Writer As Dreamworks’ own Voltron: Legendary Defender comes to a close in its final season, Netflix makes the move in remaking another classic cartoon in its most recent Netflix Original Series, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Initially pitched to Netflix by showrunner Noelle Stevenson as a single-season remake of […]