A dip into The Duke archives: February 16, 1989

A dip into The Duke archives: February 16, 1989

By Jamie Crow | Staff Writer Since 1925, The Duquesne Duke has been serving the Duquesne community by reporting on the issues that matter. Thanks to the Gumberg Library Digital Collections, our 90-plus year history is always just a few clicks away. With that in mind, here is the fifth of many dips back into […]

Government shutdown over, fiscal debate looms

By Pat Higgins | Asst. Sports Editor The government shutdown may be over and the fight to raise the debt ceiling got a temporary reprieve, but economic experts said the coming budget battles will be much more significant. Last week, President Barack Obama signed a deal that passed Congress to end the 16-day shutdown, bringing […]

Staff Editorial: Searching for middle ground in news coverage

By Duke Staff During times of crisis, it can be overwhelming or confusing as a student to know just what is really going on, many times in the very country we live in. Take for example the storm of government shutdown coverage that continues to rain down on newsstands and feeds across the states. Instantaneous, […]