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New Kingdom Hearts may pale to predecessors, but that’s OK

New <em>Kingdom Hearts</em> may pale to predecessors, but that’s OK

Sean Armstrong | Staff Writer 02/07/19 Kingdom Hearts III’s arrival was a disappointment for many, but is that due to the aging of the game or the fanbase itself? On one side of the argument are those who eagerly anticipated the release of this installment in the platinum-selling saga despite years of delays. Given that […]

“Farewell” fittingly ends Before The Storm

“Farewell” fittingly ends <em>Before The Storm</em>

By Nicole Prieto | Staff Writer 03/15/2018 Deck Nine’s prequel to the first season of Life is Strange officially concluded last December, leaving players to decide the fate of Rachel Amber’s relationships with her parents. But fans who bought the Before the Storm Deluxe Edition have been left clamoring for the game’s bonus episode, released […]