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Plot, message flawed in Ready Player One

Plot, message flawed in <em>Ready Player One</em>

By Zach Landau | Editor-in-Chief 04/12/2018 I was really ready to get angry about Ready Player One. The novel that serves as the source material for this movie embodies everything I despise about nerd culture: incessant gatekeeping, mindless referencing, shallow theorizing and so much more. Not only that, but excerpts that made their way to […]

‘The Post’ solidifies need for free press

‘The Post’ solidifies need for free press

By Hallie Lauer | Layout Editor 01/18/2018 Steven Spielberg has come very close to outdoing himself with The Post. The movie, while providing a few laughs, a few tears and a wonderful dose of dramatic irony, also managed to deliver a poignant lesson on history and modern politics. Overall, the cinematography of this film was […]