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Mikkelsen shines in otherwise-lackluster Polar adaptation

Mikkelsen shines in otherwise-lackluster <em>Polar</em> adaptation

Neil Runge | Staff Writer 01/31/19 There are very few things more disappointing than a movie that seemed like it was going to be celebrity-filled and action-packed but turned out to be a confusing, gory mess. Netflix’s Polar is an example of that. Based on a webcomic-turned-graphic novel of the same name, this film stars […]

The Frozen Ground doesn’t break new ground

The Frozen Ground doesn’t break new ground

By: Joel Frehn | The Duquesne Duke  Haunting. When describing the crime-thriller The Frozen Ground, the one word descriptor, haunting, is the perfect adjective to be applied to the film featuring Nicholas Cage, which is based on true events. Set in Alaska in 1983, the film follows detective Jack Holcombe (Cage), who is tracking down […]