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A taste of new music, Sept. 9

Robert Plant lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar  Amongst the various reissues of Led Zeppelin greatest hits albums and memories of British invasion hard-rock, Robert Plant has thrived. The 66-year-old’s 10th studio album, lullaby and The Ceaseless Roar, which released on Tuesday, could possibly be Plant’s most ambitious solo effort. Throughout the entirety of the near […]

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Interview: Chiodos talk new album, lineup changes

  By: Zach Brendza | Associate Editor Last week, The Duke got to sit down with keyboardist Bradley Bell of post-hardcore sextet, Chiodos, who played at Stage AE for the Parks and Devastation Tour. ZB: You guys were here last year on Warped Tour? Do you have other memories of Pittsburgh? BB: Pittsburgh was my […]

ISIS leads to questions about safety in America

By Pat Higgins | Sports Editor Thirteen years later, are we safer? According to a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and USA Today last month, 65 percent of adults say the world is more dangerous now than it was several years ago, while 67 percent say the Islamic militant group fighting in Iraq […]

Fixation on fall grows

Cartoon By Katie Borzelleca | The Duquesne Duke

Addressing and preventing obesity

By Carley Thieret | Opinions Editor When I was in elementary school, it was always a great day when it was somebody’s birthday. Not because I cared how old they were turning, but more for the delicious treats they brought to share with the entire class. Students in elementary school today, however, will not be nostalgic […]

Penn State penalties lifted

By The Duke Staff The actions of assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, head coach Joe Paterno, president Graham Spainer and athletic director Tim Curley have received responses of disapproval, disgust and distrust from the public. However, the four-year bowl ban on Penn State’s football team has garnered mixed reactions from students, fans and media outlets […]

Fear of commitment a common theme in our generation

By Sam Leon | The Duquesne Duke Commitment to me is like walking a plank. I’m blinded by a thin piece of fabric so I can slightly see my surroundings, but not enough to prepare for the plunge. There’s an invisible figure behind me, pushing me toward a vague edge. I feel pressure from that force, I […]

Photo by Julian Routh | News Editor. An American flag and rose are displayed next to a name on the National September 11 Memorial in New York City. The names of the nearly 3,000 people who died in the attacks line the outside of two reflecting pools the size of the Twin Towers.

13 years later, DU remembers 9/11 attacks

By Julian Routh | News Editor In the late afternoon on Sept. 11, 2001, the Bluff looked more like a ghost town than a college campus. The parking garages were empty, Academic Walk was silent and the only sign of life was in the Student Union ballroom, where the Duquesne community gathered for a spontaneous […]

Photo by Claire Murray | Photo Editor. The Tammies perform their opening number at Hartwood Acres on Aug. 24.

Tamburitzans part ways with Duquesne

By Jen Cardone | The Duquesne Duke After a rich 77-year history of being affiliated with the University, the Duquesne Tamburitzans are now on their own. The University announced Friday that the Tamburitzans would become an independent, nonprofit organization due to a 40 percent decrease in applicants. With independent status, the Tammies can audition students […]

Photo by Jessica Nath | The Duquesne Duke. (from left to right) Jill Wine-Banks, Benton Becker and Timothy Naftali discuss President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon at Monday’s conference.

Panel gathers to discuss Nixon pardon

By Jessica Nath | The Duquesne Duke On the 40th anniversary of President Gerald Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon Monday, Duquesne students and alumni, lawyers and even senators crowded into the Power Center Ballroom to hear from officials who played important roles in Watergate’s consequences and Ford’s decision. Ford appeared on national television on Sept. […]

Photo by Jill Power | The Duquesne Duke. The Red Line trolley approaches Gateway station in Downtown Pittsburgh. Riding from Gateway to North Shore is free.

Deal in works to renew free ‘T’ fare zone

By Brittney Jackson | The Duquesne Duke Several city organizations are tasked with renewing a contract by next March that will keep the Pittsburgh Light Rail free within the city. The Steelers, Stadium Authority, Rivers Casino and Alco Parking have a contract with the Pittsburgh Port Authority to subsidize the Pittsburgh Light Rail, otherwise known […]

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Warhol Museum to open two new exhibits this month

By: Megan Tomasic | The Duquesne Duke Later this month, The Andy Warhol Museum will open two new exhibits that feature Warhol’s early works and pieces that display historic artwork of the modern era. The exhibits, titled 13 Most Wanted Men: Andy Warhol and the 1964 World’s Fair and Chuck Connelly: My America are set […]