2016 Spring Fashion

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By Gabriella Vaccaro | The Duquesne Duke

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it’s time to trade in UGGs for slip-on sneakers, leggings for shorts and skirts and heavy sweaters for short sleeves.

But life on The Bluff can be quite unpredictable. The wind can make the temperature drop several degrees, so definitely layer up. On chillier spring days, capri or cuffed jeans make for a cute bottom. Also invest in fashionable but sturdy rain boots whenever an unexpected downpour hits. Rain boots can be paired with skirts or dresses for a more casual look.

“My go-to outfit during the spring is a nice pair of cuffed jeans, a longer flowing top and ballet flats paired with a cute, cinched jacket,” freshman Lauren Brenkus said. “I like this outfit because spring is an in-between season where a light jacket is still necessary, so I like one that’s fashionable and can be incorporated into any outfit.”

Unlike the crazy couture styles that often seem random and out of place, this spring’s trends aren’t all new. They include classics that have been somewhat popular over the years but are now finally seeing the spotlight for themselves.

Slip-on sneakers have existed for years and are popular for their convenience, cuteness and comfort. They can make a dress more casual or be paired with shorts or jeans. Because this type of shoe is so versatile, they are a must-have for spring — and summer, too.

Slip-ons with a floral pattern can add an extra pop to an outfit, while solid-colored slip-ons can be paired with a patterned dress or shorts. For ladies, it seems the go-to slip-on sneakers are Converse, Vans or Keds. However, if you’re not trying to break the bank, Target, H&M and Forever 21 have some less expensive but very similar options.

As far as skirts go, a plain jean skirt or other solid colors work well with almost anything. They can be paired with a brighter shirt or shoe in order to bring in some springy vibes. Smaller floral prints are more in this season than prints with large flowers, which can be overbearing. (Hey, it’s all in the details.)

“My favorite part of spring fashion is the transition from the dark colors of winter to more pastel or floral prints. I definitely like experimenting with color more in the spring season,” Brenkus said.

Maxi skirts are always a good go-to. With breathable jersey fabric, they are extremely comfortable and easy to throw on for early morning classes. While American Eagle does have many different cute skirts, Forever 21 is much more friendly to buyers’ wallets, and you won’t have to sacrifice style. For more classic and formal skirts, check out J.Crew’s selection.

Vests are always a good option to layer up for a crisp spring morning. While black and navy are neutrals that match everything, try to branch out with brighter colors. A white, light pink, blue or purple vest will complement a solid shirt and bottom or even a patterned pant. Another option besides vests is cardigans or open-front cardigans. These can be layered with a t-shirt or tank top. Again, J.Crew always carries classic cute vests and cardigans.

Whatever your personal style may be, you can always integrate different versions of the aforementioned pieces. Whether you prefer comfy-cute, hipster, casual or preppy, you can incorporate many different aspects of this spring’s trends. Most importantly, rock whatever you are comfortable with!

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By Joseph Sykes | Sports Editor

For guys, it’s tempting to break out a pair of shorts at even the slightest hint of spring. Whether the temperature is in the 60s, 50s or, heck, even the 40s, you’ll be hard-pressed not to see a Duquesne student strolling along Academic Walk in cargos.

Well, thanks to this recent wave of warm air on The Bluff, you could throw on pastel short-shorts. Or you can step it up and follow along with the latest trends straight out of New York Fashion Week.

For spring 2016, famous designers like Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis want you to keep your favorite shorts tucked away in favor of more layers. Sure, it may suck when the weather starts getting warmer and people are questioning your odd choice of a bomber jacket in 80-degree heat, but as the famous and vibrant writer Gore Vidal said, “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.”

So what kind of extra layers should you invest your hard-earned bills on? Christopher Fisher, a manager at the luxury men’s brand Oki-Ni, told The Guardian that men should go for the utilitarian look, which epitomizes ruggedness.

“Shearling-lined and sheepskin-style jackets have been one of our top-selling men’s styles for the past year now,” Fisher said. “Fake fur, fake suede, fake shearling — it’s accessible, subversive and more about the attitude and referencing than it is forward-thinking.”

This look of oversized jackets made from sheepskin (or any other type of animal skin, faux or real) harkens back to the 1990s and the music world’s grunge scene. The look gives off a “devil-may-care” attitude, which seems to be a personality that is always in style. That’s why, according to Fisher, brands like Carhartt and Dickies are seeing an outstanding resurgence in sales today.

To complement the leather jackets, aim for pants that resemble cargo shorts. While, again, you’ll sweat just a tad more than your friends, you can now brag about all the extra space for your Nirvana albums and Tamagotchis.

If you still need a mental picture of the style, think Mel Gibson’s character Max Rockatansky in George Miller’s Mad Max franchise.

If the dystopian style is definitely a no-go for your wardrobe and you prefer a “happier” look, then Saint Laurent has the getup for you. Vogue recently traveled to London for the spring fashion shows and came back with a number of photographs detailing models wearing clothes with a floral design. With a white or black sports jacket adorned in flowers and vines, spring is figuratively written on your sleeve.

This look, of course, takes a man with a high level of confidence to sport, so if you think you can rock it, do it.

In terms of shoes and hairstyles, not much has changed from the past couple of years.

Chukkas, or suede shoes, are great compliments to any slim fitting pants. There are a ton of major retailers that sell them nowadays, so finding a cheap pair won’t be too much of a problem.

Leather sandals are also okay as long as they are paired with shorts and only shorts. Also, no one should be wearing Crocs anymore, even if it is getting warmer outside. Their only “benefits” are awkward tan lines and every one of your friends yelling and asking you “what are thoseeeee?”

The undercut hairstyle is holding steady amongst younger college students. The cut is basically a one or two buzz around the back and sides of the head, while the top portion is over left anywhere over three inches and is sculpted to lead over the left or right. It’s a great style to let the scalp breathe.

While the recent spring trends say you must suffer the possibility of a heat stroke for the sake of style, the layered look can come in handy when the bipolar Pittsburgh weather shifts yet again.