42nd Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show

Photo Story By Kaitlyn Hughes | Staff Writer

Beautiful blooms, home improvement businesses and local vendors, artists, hobbists and plant fanatics gathered at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center to celebrate the 42nd annual Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show.

Jennifer Garczyk (left) and Terry Wiles (right) represented Construction Junction, one of the numerous eco-friendly home improvement businesses who made an appearance at the show.
Founded in 1957, the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society shared techniques on how to correctly care for a bonsai while connecting individuals who share a love for the plant. They brought bonsais of different sizes and succulents to the show.
Angela Slowikowski and her two sons, Garrett and Landon, played with family-friendly Krazy Gears, a spinning puzzle for all ages.
Many artists attended the show, like Haley Clany, who created typewritten poems on the spot for $10 per 5-inch-by-5-inch card.
Local grower Marcia Hughes showed off the pussy willows that she sells at Beautiful Bargains.
Hobby group Steel City Lug, for adult Lego users, assembled two tables of Legos for the show. The project took four days to build.