An Added Word: Few brights spots in dark days for Dukes

Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke
Taylor Miles | The Duquesne Duke


Addison Smith | Sports Editor

Normally after a Duquesne men’s basketball loss, I take time to focus on the negatives and what the Dukes could have done differently to win the game. However, I’m tired of being a “negative Nancy” so I’m going to switch it up by focusing on the good.

The Red & Blue lost to the Richmond Spiders 75-58 Wednesday night at the Palumbo Center. They didn’t guard the perimeter and let the Spiders take and make 3-pointers like crazy.

But, I’m not going to write about that. Instead the focus will be on the bright spots for Duquesne basketball. If at any point I digress to rant about something the Red & Blue did poorly, I apologize, but I am a “negative Nancy” at heart.

When it comes to bright spots, we can always go with the two players who seem to consistently be there for the Dukes: Dominique McKoy and Ovie Soko. If you’re feeling it and think Derrick Colter also deserves a spot on that list, I’ll allow it. The three combined for 33 of the Dukes’ 58 points and 16 of the Dukes’ 37 rebounds.

McKoy and Soko were absolutely the two best for the Dukes Wednesday night. Something about the pair has to make fans wonder why we only have Soko for one season and McKoy for two. The duo definitely has what it takes to help lead Duquesne basketball down the road, but it’s a shame their exit is coming quicker than most—Soko recently graduated in December and is finishing the season whileMcKoy is a junior.

Sitting here after the game, I’m trying to find more positives. Something about this Duquesne basketball team besides Soko and McKoy that impressed me and I’m struggling. They lacked aggression. They lacked oomph. They lacked a student section.

Oh, I know. There was one more positive thing about Duquesne basketball that was impressive. Regardless of the score, the Dukes can rebound. They outrebounded the Spiders 20-14 in the first half and won the rebound battle 37-33 overall.

Also impressive? The fact that sophomore transfer Micah Mason leads the nation in field goal percentage. He currently is shooting 59.7 percent, which is 4.5 percent ahead of the closest behind him (Hallice Cooke of Oregon State is shooting 55.2 percent). He nailed three 3-pointers and finished the game with 15 points.

So while it may be difficult, the Red & Blue do have some bright spots. I’m going to reiterate the theme of this season: they’re not going to be champions today, but they will be in the next couple of years.