An Added Word: Rooney’s Goonies are loony

Addison Smith | Sports Editor

There’s a lot of things I do for Duquesne athletics. I’ve traveled to Philadelphia for the women’s Atlantic 10 Tournament. I’ve skipped classes to watch Duquesne basketball. I’ve done a lot for the Dukes, but I will admit that I am not as hardcore as the Rooney’s Goonies.

Who are the Rooney’s Goonies? They’re a group of mostly sophomore males led by president Frank and vice president James. I wasn’t informed of their last names as we sat at Highmark Stadium Saturday night to watch the Duquesne men’s soccer team take on the Pittsburgh Riverhounds. James was only talking to my friends and I for a moment, but it was Frank who was all gung-ho about telling me about the Rooney’s Goonies.

I know, a group of sophomore males sounds like a fraternity pledge class, but the Rooney’s Goonies aren’t a fraternity, they’re the Red & Blue Crew of Duquesne men’s soccer. They have chants, matching T-shirts, matching scarves and, most importantly, actual spirit for the soccer team. It’s impressive to see how much they care about making it to every game and making sure they are heard every game.

So while I drove to Highmark Stadium Saturday night, the Rooney’s Goonies walked. Riverhounds fans were deafened by the Goonies. While it was not nearly as emphatic as the Oakland Zoo, it was a nice sight.

Frank made it known how much he cares about Rooney’s Goonies throughout the game. He said possible employers are impressed. Here is a marketing group, set to promote men’s soccer to Duquesne. Or at least that’s how they market themselves to others, to be quite honest it’s a group of guys having fun. But if you’re having fun and supporting your Dukes and others don’t see it as such, is it a success?

Yes. Rooney’s Goonies is a successful group. We might look at them as a group of loud mouths who sing annoying songs and equally as annoying chants, but isn’t that what makes them successful? They wanted to be known and to be quite honest, that goal was achieved. It’s up to you how you perceive them. Do you look at them as a successful marketing tool? Do you look at them like a bunch of idiots who use it as a social group?

No matter how you look at them, Rooney’s Goonies have achieved at least one thing. They’re there, they like to be there and the Duquesne men’s soccer team likes them there too.

Oh, and if you pay $25 to join, you can get a sweet scarf and T-shirt combo. There’s no downside to that.