An Added Word: The Olympics are coming

Addison Smith | Sports Editor

There’s a time every two years that all the world stops and focuses on one event and nothing else really seems to matter. No, I’m not talking about the release of a new season of Sherlock, I’m talking about the Olympics.

Seriously, is there anything better than curling up in your red, white and blue pajamas (yes, I own some patriotic sleeping wear, don’t judge) and watching your country be represented on the world’s largest stage? I think not.

Yes, we have classes throughout the games and yes, the events are going to be on a rather large time delay due to the games being held in Russia, but I want no excuses come time to root for our country.

All this being said, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty; why do people get so excited about the Olympic Games? Why do we care so much? If you were to ask me, based on a psychology course I took at Duquesne, it’s the idea of being on a team, or rather cheering for one.

For a two-week span every two years, the nation and the world come together to watch a spectacle. The mere idea of the scope of it gives me chills. There’s a little something for everyone too. Whether you fancy figure skating or hockey, bobsled or skeleton, curling or biathlon, snowboarding or skiing, there’s something for you. Doesn’t that excite you, even if ever so slightly? Just knowing that your country is being represented by some of the greatest athletes should be enough to give you chills.

The sheer magnitude of the games and knowing that for just two weeks, the people of the world can put aside their differences and focus on one thing is mind boggling. The Olympics don’t just serve as a sporting event, they serve a bigger purpose. They’re meant to bring us all together and make us forget about war, distress and other negatives for just a little while. They’re meant to pause it all, if only for two weeks.

However, even the greatest moments can be ruined. There have been rumors of suspected terrorist attacks on Sochi.

French snowboarder Xavier de la Rue expressed concern with CNN and told the news organization that he believes Sochi is “a crazy war zone in a way” and that the athletes may be targeted.

Everyone’s eyes will be on Sochi, whether to make sure every athlete and spectator is safe or to simply root for a home country. The Olympics are meant to pause conflict, not incite it. Either way, go USA and stay safe.