Bartic wins SGA special election [UPDATED]

Brandon Addeo | News Editor

UPDATE 4/23/17

Turnout for the special election was 382 voters. Official results for the Executive Vice President of Student Life are as follows: Ciara Bartic- 181 votes, 47.38 percent. Leah Pier- 153 votes, 40.05 percent. Niko Martini – 40 votes, 10.47 percent. None of the Above- 8 votes, 2.09 percent.

Official results of the constitutional amendment allowing for the immediate dismissal of any SGA member who is placed on “disciplinary probation.” Votes in favor: 300, 78.53 percent. Votes against: 82, 21.46 percent.

Unofficial results show sophomore economics major Ciara Bartic won the April 18 Student Government Association special election for the open Executive Vice President of Student Life position, defeating fellow candidates Niko Martini and Leah Pier, according to the SGA Board of Elections.

A referendum also passed that amended the SGA Constitution to make disciplinary probation by the university cause for “immediately” firing any SGA member. This comes after the previously-elected Vice President for Student Life, Kevin Stalker, stepped down before taking office after he was arrested on counts of assault, theft and evading arrest.

The official results, including turnout figures and the breakdown of the number of votes each candidate received, will not be available until the next meeting of the Board of Elections on April 23, according to board chairman Tyler McCardell.

Bartic said she is “really thrilled” to take on her new SGA role. She said she wants to make improvements to the campus Loop Bus system and to campus parking.

“There’s a lot of overflow with parking on campus,” she said.

Bartic also wants more students to register to vote, as next year’s state gubernatorial election approaches.

“It’s important to get those students involved as a part of the community … specifically among freshmen who never voted before,” she said.