Brottier Hall

Year Built: 1969
Price: $19,970 (12 month lease)
Capacity: 660 residents
Years Allowed: juniors, seniors, grad and law
Room Types: studio, one- and two- room apartments
Laundry Facilities: on G-level
Bathroom Facilities: in each unit
What’s New: In 2015 some lighting, paint and carpet replacement, as well as all furniture

Real thoughts from real students:

“I like the location of it. You’re somewhat in the city, and everything is nearby. The T is right there, the bus is right down the hill, the South Side is in walking distance. It’s a perfect location because it’s all there. The building is limiting sometimes. Brottier is supposed to be like an apartment. There’s RAs here, and I’m fine with that. I feel like this building should be treated as if [the residents] were becoming adults; we’re graduating soon. I was confused because I asked a question because I remember there are rules where you can’t sign in glass bottles but you can sign in a bottle of fifth, and these are just silly rules. And they’re worried about people getting hurt from the glass dropping down the rash chute, but we’re mature and being smart about our actions.” — Peter Ciesielski, Class of 2019

“I like that it’s convenient. Most of my classes are in Rockwell and Fisher, and I can just walk right out the door and be there.” — Zachary Blystone, Junior

“I don’t like the setup of the accessibility of the building. I don’t like how they shut the backdoor that is in front of Rockwell, or how the stairwells operate. I also strongly dislike the elevators in this building. They breakdown every two days. The staff is very friends; the RAs are very cool. I also think it’s very convenient how Brottier has its own parking garage.” — Sebastian Narvas-Medinas, Senior