Campus Pet Pals: Eramis

Courtesy of Edgar Rodo Chavez.

Emily Ambery | Staff Writer


If you are sitting in the lounge area of the Union and you feel a furry friend at your feet, make sure to say hi, because it might be one of our campus pet pals, Eramis. Eramis is a friendly 2-month-old corgi who lives on campus with her owner, biochemistry major Edgar Rodo Chavez.

Eramis’ day starts with playtime and some breakfast followed by a nap. By midmorning she is ready to go for her morning 20-30 minute walk before her scheduled lunch and, of course, more playtime and a post-lunch nap. In the evening and nighttime, Chavez likes to take her on the longest walk of the day, about an hour or so, to ensure she sleeps through the night.

Eramis’ favorite activity is meeting new people on the Bluff.

“She willfully, and oftentimes overwhelmingly, chooses to run towards people in the hopes of making new friends,” Chavez said. “She is friendly to a fault, to the point where if she fixated on someone while walking and that person doesn’t acknowledge her, she will be visibly taken aback. I would even say that she gets sad whenever she doesn’t get to interact with other people.”

Griffin Sendek | Multimedia Editor. 2-month-old Eramis loves meeting new people.

Eramis has taken full advantage of campus life and meeting new people.

“Sometimes she deliberately sits on busy walkways, waiting for people to come over and greet her,” Chavez said.

After finishing walks outside, Eramis loves to greet friends in the Union lounge. She goes to each table ready to introduce herself. She understands the stress of college life and knows the value of a puppy break.

Along with meeting new people, Eramis loves walking around campus with Chavez. She has a few favorite spots.

“She loves to frolic around the field right in front of Brottier Hall,” Chavez said. “But I would say that her favorite spot is just outside the library.”

Eramis is currently teething and loves to nibble on everything. At her favorite spot just outside the library “lies a patch of cushiony greenery — there she adores to run around and, more or less, nibble everything. I’m talking branches, leaves, stems, sometimes rocks,” Chavez said.

Eramis enjoys playing with everything from plushies and balls to branches and wood. A few of her favorites at the moment are a yellow plastic hippopotamus, a llama stuffed animal and guinea pig plushie.

One of Eramis’ quirks is that she likes to have her teeth brushed.

“At first she was weirded out by it, but little by little I think she came to like it,” Chavez said. “Now, I leave her toothbrush on the floor by her bowls; whenever she picks it up, I brush her teeth. She is a pretty smart puppy and does her best to communicate her needs.”

Although Eramis is a friendly puppy and loves new friends, she prefers to be pet with permission, and students should confirm with Chavez or whoever’s with her before interacting with Eramis — or with any other campus pet pal.