Costume Crunch Time: Last minute ideas to spice up your getup this Halloween

By Rebekah Devorak | Opinions Editor

There are only two days left until Halloween, but that’s no cause for panic. If you don’t have a genius costume picked out already or are feeling too bogged down by the mid-semester blues to come up with an idea, we at The Duke have you covered – literally. We have four stellar, simple costume ideas that are perfect for any last-minute party or shameless trick-or-treating in your future. It’s a recipe for the best Halloween ever.

Edgar Allan Bro

What you will need: shirt with collar popped, aviator sunglasses, snapback, dress socks, mustache, small neck scarf and a copy of “The Raven”

Any dude wishing to embrace his inner frat boy this Halloween – but with a touch of literary sophistication – should look no further than this swole version of the beloved 19th century poet. Dust off your favorite snapback and take full advantage of this one appropriate opportunity to pop the collar of your shirt. Complete the costume by adding a mustache and sunglasses, tying a scarf around your neck and styling your hair so it has the perfect amount of volume and irony. Don’t forget your copy of “The Raven” so you can end every one of your conversations with, “Quoth the Raven, swag galore.” Consider roping one of your friends into being an Edgar Allan Bro with you for the perfect Halloween squad.

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Photo by Rebekah Devorak | Opinions Editor

Blessing in Disguise

What you will need: dark clothing, a cape, a hat, sunglasses, mustache, paper, marker and safety pins

Be the best of a bad situation and dazzle as everyone’s silver lining with this costume. Take a piece of paper and write “Bless you!” onto it with a marker or sharpie. Cut it out and using safety pins (or fabric glue), secure the paper onto your shirt. Go incognito with dark pants, a mysterious cape and other suspicious accessories such as a mustache, hat or those funny glasses with the nose attached. Relish in being a proverbial miracle worker (and the consequent eye roll) every time someone asks you what you are supposed to be.

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Photo by Rebekah Devorak | Opinions Editor

Party Animal

What you will need: animal ears, party clothing, party accessories such as confetti, streamers or party horns

This Halloween let everyone know you are the life of the party by busting out this classic costume. Not only does it give you an excuse to wear a sequined dress or leather shorts, but the chances of you running into someone else with the same exact costume are practically zero because of how many variations can be made from this idea. Whether you are feeling like a purr-fect cat or an endeering doe, complete this costume by sliding on your favorite animal ears and applying matching makeup.

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Photo by Rebekah Devorak | Opinions Editor

Ceiling Fan

What you will need: plain t-shirt, felt, marker, scissors, fabric glue, cheerleading accessories such as pompoms, megaphone or foam fingers

Two, four, six, eight: Who do we appreciate?! Tap into your inner cheerleader with this not-so-subtle punny costume. Honestly, what way is better to pay homage to your best friend from the sweltering summer months than with a hearty “Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!” All corniness aside, this costume is a cinch to assemble if you are strapped for time and money. Draw and cut “Go Ceiling!” out of felt, and use either fabric glue or a hot glue gun to secure the letters to a plain t-shirt. The truly lazy can omit craftiness and instead opt for writing the letters on a white t-shirt with a sharpie for the same effect. Pair the look with a perky ponytail, pompoms and a megaphone. Then, start working on your chants.