Don’t fall under the weather this flu season

Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor.

Andrew Cummings | multimedia editor

Sept. 30, 2021

It is that time of year again, the time to get a flu shot. Duquesne University is now offering flu vaccines through the Center for Pharmacy Care. 

Anyone is eligible to receive a shot, whether or not they are associated with Duquesne.

There are walk-in clinics available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday through Nov. 12 at various locations across campus. Exact times and locations can be found at:

In addition to the walk-in clinics, individual appointments can be made at the Center for Pharmacy Care by calling 412-396-2155 or emailing The Center for Pharmacy Care has moved locations from the Union to the Muldoon Building, which is located at the corner of Chatham Square and Fifth Avenue.

According to Elizabeth Bunk, a pharmacist and a manager of the Center for Pharmacy Care, there is a lot of concern for flu season this year. Because people were quarantined last year, there was not much of a flu season to speak of. This makes this years flu season harder to predict.

“The flu shot is really helpful… to reduce flu illnesses. We do see a large incidence of flu across campus and in students” Bunk said.

Lucas Dibenedettl, a freshman nursing major who received a flu shot, said “I believe in vaccines…everyone in my dorm has been sick over the past couple of weeks so I want to be protected from that.”

For anyone concerned with getting sick from a flu shot, Bunk said:

“The flu shot actually doesn’t make you sick. The way it works is…it sometimes can cause an activation in your immune system that might make you not feel good because your immune system is working really hard to make antibodies and protect you for if you were to be infected by the flu, but you’re not actually sick or have the flu from it.”

The vaccine is free with most insurance companies, so it is recommended that people bring an insurance card to the appointment. If someone does not have insurance or if the vaccine is not covered, there is a fee of $35.

The flu shots are being administered by Duquesne pharmacists and pharmacy students.

In addition to the flu shot, the Center for Pharmacy Care is also administering Covid-19 vaccines at all of the walk-in clinics. Recipients can get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, as well as a booster shot if they are eligible.