Driving up an appetite; food trucks on A-walk

Harley Varavette | staff writer. Students line up eagerly as they wait for Nakama's infamous hibachi food.

Harley Varavette | staff writer

Sept. 16, 2021

The inviting aromas of crepes, funnel cakes and hibachi filled the air on A-Walk Friday, Sept. 10, as Duquesne held its first Food Truck Friday series from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Duquesne plans to host this event every Friday at the same time and location.

This week, the three food trucks that attended the event were Nakama, which serves hibachi, Sinkers and Suds, featuring coffee and donuts and PGH Crepes, which fittingly serves crepes and funnel cake. Duquesne hopes to have two to four food trucks each Friday. 

The trucks were lined up behind the student union and served hundreds of students. 

“The food trucks reminded me of a fair with all the options,” said Madison Otto, a freshman pharmacy major. “I would probably come back if it was offered again.” 

Students like Madi Kaiser, a junior sociology major, came hungry after their classes for a bite.

“I enjoyed it, it was very unique with lots of variety,” Kaiser said. “I really liked the Sinkers and Suds truck and I would love to see more unique trucks in the future.”

Among the three trucks, Nakama was the most popular with the longest line of students stretching over 90 feet long. 

“This was a really nice break from the normal food on campus,” said Julia Damm, a freshman pharmacy major. “I would come back every other week it is available, and more food truck options would be great to create less lines.”

“It was good food with good quality, and was better than expected,” said Nick Patt, a junior cybersecurity studies major. “It was nice to change it up which was a pleasant surprise with the options. If I could improve one thing it would be the ability to pay with flex pay, and if that were the case I would come back most of the time.”